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Learn Why You Should Have That Car Inspected Before You Buy It!

>> Apr 26, 2016

There are many types of automobiles today. Each type is built for a specific purpose; for example, the minivan is built to carry people around. Some of them are built such that they satisfy a number of purposes at the same time, for example the SUV is built to carry people, tow luggage and go off-road. Each one of these vehicles can be an investment or a loss. It is an investment if it works properly after purchase but can be a loss in case it does not work properly. To avoid purchasing a loss-making vehicle, always have a car inspected prior to purchase. This can be done by a car inspection company.

This is a company that has a staff of car inspection experts. They are certified by the ASE and can easily inspect all the parts of a car. In addition to that, they have the necessary skills and tools that are required to perform this job. A professional car inspection company ensures that it is listed on the Better Businesses Bureau (BBB). This is so as to assure its clients that they will receive high-quality, reliable services.

To make the process of inspection easier, an auto inspection company normally has a number of car inspection categories. Every car model, type and year will fit in one of the categories. They are:
1.   Exotic car inspection
2.   Vintage car inspection
3.   Commercial car inspection
4.   Expert car inspection

The Expert car inspection
This is a category where most cars can fit in. Most of the modern cars that were manufactured later than 1996 will fit in this category. In the expert car inspection category, the cars are checked for all common problems and malfunctions. The process begins with checking the body work of the car. They also check the paint job and the body panels of the car for any cracks, dents or rust spots. In addition to that, they check the engine of the car. A visual inspection normally suffices. Moreover, they drive the car for a minimum of 5 miles to check if the handling, steering, drivetrain and transmission are working properly.

Some other factors that are normally checked are the glass parts of the car. All glass panes, headlight glass, taillights and the indicators are checked to see if they are working properly. Moreover, the wheels and tires of the car are also checked. The tire pressure and wheel alignment is analyzed and recorded. These checks give you a good picture of the car before you buy it.

The Vintage car inspection
This is a type of car inspection that is specially designed for older cars. The cars that are older than 1996 will fit in this category. For these ones, the safety features are heavily considered. The inspectors look through the braking system and the seat belts of the car. Moreover, they check the body panels to ensure that they are robust and can handle the demands of modern day driving. In addition to that, the inspectors look through the car's engine fluids and battery performance. All these factors are checked and a report sent to the potential owner of the car.

It is very important to inspect a car before you buy it. Moreover, you should hire a team of professional car inspectors to do the job for you. This will give you a reliable result.

Tabby Calloway is a car inspector. She has been in the business of auto inspection for decades. She is also a great writer. She has published many articles in her blog. To learn more about auto inspection, visit this website. 

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Kang Nurul Iman April 26, 2016 at 1:09 PM  

Oh harus seperti itu ya mbak okeh terima kasih ya infonya sangat bermanfaat sekali.

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