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Teachergive Sale 2023

The List of Potential Hazards in Your Bathroom

>> Apr 8, 2016

When asked where the most unsafe place in home for toddlers; your most likely answer is the kitchen, right? It is truly a right fact but your bathroom is also a very dangerous place for small kids.  This article will discuss more about the possible dangers that may occur in your bathroom and what you can do to avoid it. As parents, kids safety should always be your priority. Rather be safe at first than sorry! 

So, here we go, the list of things inside the bathroom that you should pay attention:     
  • Bathtub, bucket and toilet 
Possible danger: in-home drowning
What you can do: whatever thing comes up; never leave small children while having a bath in a bathtub without supervision of an adult. Secure the toilet with a child toilet lock to maintain the lid down. Drain immediately the tub and pour water inside the bucket after usage.

  • Slippery wet tub and tiled floor 
Possible danger: falling
What you can do: place anti-slip rubber mats on proper spots such as in the bathtub, around the shower and outside of the tub.

  • Faucets for hot water 
Possible danger: burned hands / face
What you can do: set up anti-scalding devices on the faucets.

It turns out that water safety is not the only issue in childproofing a bathroom.

You must also consider these kinds of stuff below.  

  • Electrical devices and electrical sockets 
Possible danger: get electric shock
What you can do: keep electrical devices out of your child’s reach.  Ensure that you have turned off and unplugged it every time leaving the bathroom. Make safe the sockets with using socket safety covers.

  • Razor, scissors, nail clippers and other sharp tools 
Possible danger: injured
What you can do: put it in locked bathroom cabinets.

  • Dangerous chemicals such as cleaning products 
Possible danger: exposed to poisonous ingredient
What you can do: place it in a locked storage or high shelf.

  • Medication, vitamins or other supplements 
Possible danger: health problem
What you can do: always store it in a locked cabinet.

To prevent your small kids go into the bathroom alone, the most practical way that you can do is securing the bathroom door knob with a knob lock. 

As the time goes by, you can teach your loved one -step by step- to behave more carefully when in the bathroom.  Yeah, no one said is easy to keep kids safe in the bathroom but it is really worth to do!  

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