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Teachergive Sale 2023

Tips on Choosing the Right Printing Services

>> Apr 29, 2016

Book printing is not an easy job. Whether you are an author having your first book printed or you are responsible for your company’s new brand book, getting the right book printing services is very important. The technical aspect must be given more preference. However, there are other factors as well that you must consider, to get your project done perfectly.

Here are few suggestions that you should not miss out while you are printing your book:

Consider the printing cost

Even before you are printing you must ask for their book printing quotes immediately. This will give a rough idea about the budget. But how do you know they are charging you right? Therefore, you should ask one more printing houses and ask for their printing rates. Chances are you may get a competitive price. Now, you can negotiate with a particular vendor for getting your job done.

Quality of their printing services

Price should not only be the determining factor for you while selecting book printers in Mumbai. In Mumbai you will get printing services in almost every nook and corner. Just because a printer’s price is higher doesn’t mean he will also provide you with good quality printing services.

Quality is one of the most important factors. You must ask for their printing samples. A quality printing house will always give you samples. The samples will throw an insight about the color, printing quality and paper.

See their printing equipment – ask for their permission

The quality of the printing will depend on paper and the printing equipments they use. Ask for to have a look at their machine. It is not that a newer one will be better than an older one; it is the condition of the printer that matters. The printer should be maintained properly.

Additionally, the person printing must have sufficient knowledge about the printing. Sometimes the printers might also suggest you the best design, color selection and fit according to the information you want to give out. Make a 360 degree check while selecting a printing service.

How did they help with your printing enquiries?

A good printing house will help you or at least try to help you making you aware about the printing, you are looking for. A printer can also give you suggestions when you place a requirement. They should guide you to have a cost effective type of printing.

For example, if you are printing a brochure and a flyer. The brochure can be of digital printing and the flyer can be of offset printing. Not only this will reduce cost but also you can print in huge quantity and reach out to the maximum number of prospective customers.

After all they are the experts and they must guide you more than selling their services and making a business. After few conversations you can understand are they really concerned about your requirements or they are trying to sell you with higher rates.

How long they have been in the business?

It is recommended to select a printer who is in the book printing services for several years. Along with the experience, you should always take their minimum order quantity. Moreover, older printing companies give less stress on a huge number of printing order and they can deliver timely.

This is because they are always in business and can give you a better customer experience. Additionally, you must not look only for old printing companies; a new company may have many options in printing. Take time and decide accordingly. 

Last but not the least; go with the printer who has good reputation in the market. Now, everything is online. Needless to say, a great printing company will have their online business page, from where you can also place the order. Look for client testimonials and the number of clients they cater their services to.

Author Bio
Rob Burton is a designer and printing professional. He has good knowledge about any type of paper printing. He is associated with top notch printing houses of Asia. You can also consult him to locate the best book printers in Mumbai, around your location.

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