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What to eat while Touring in Darjeeling: A Rendezvous with Tibetan Food

>> Apr 7, 2016

Hill stations are truly mesmerizing, especially during summers, when the temperature soars high. India has a plethora of hill stations, some of which are so exquisite that one won’t want to come back again, amidst the bustle of the cities. Whether they are the tour packages for Darjeeling or Manali, all are sought after and flocked by the travelers.

Every other day, the internet is searched for tour packages for Darjeeling. True indeed, Darjeeling is an adored hill station in India. It has continued to attract millions of tourists from not only India, but all around the world. This vacation, plan a tour to Darjeeling and witness nature at its best.

While searching for Darjeeling, you will come across a plenty of options to visit on every other site, but this article will present you with the famous food of Darjeeling, and what all you should savour your hearts on, while touring there.

Momos are the popular local snack in Darjeeling, available in every nook and corner of the place. Momos originated in Tibet, and now, are widely popular in other parts of north India too. They are either steamed or fried, however the steamed ones are more prefered. Again, they can non-veg and veg. The non veg ones are stuffed with meat or beef, and the veg ones with cabbage, cheese and other vegetables. The best place which can serve you with the creme de la creme momos of Darjeeling include, Kunga on the Gandhi road, which is quite reasonable in its prices. Hasty Tasty on Nehru Road and Dekevas (another low budget one) is also quite popular.

Aloo Dum
Aloo dum is one of the most adored food in Darjeeling, and now has become close to its staple dish. Made of boiled potatoes, soaked in hot thick curry, of onions and other vegetables, the Aloo Dum is a scrumptious dish to gorge on. You can find this delicious dish at Beni’s Cafe on SM Das road, close to Big Bazaar.

Thukpa is a very popular Tibetan noodle soup. The hot noodle soup contains meat, eggs, vegetables and other spices. Although, this dish counts as a starter, but one can satiate his stomach, eating it alone. Noodles are the staple dish for the people of Darjeeling, and Thukpa will make you fall in love with itself. Again, Thukpa is best served at Kunga and Dekevas restaurants.

Dalle are the very famous, hot and spicy pickles of red chillies. They are made of red chillies, soaked in mustard oil, along with spices and salt. Preservatives and acids are added to make them last longer. It is used as a side dish, and is often eaten with momos. Kaventers at Nehru Road, serves some of the best Dalle in the town. They are also available at the Zakir Hussain Road.

Traditional Thali
The traditional Nepali Thali or platter, is a complete dish, which appeases one’s hunger pang and stomach. This complete meal, comprises rice, dal, tarkari, along with traditional pickle, chutney or dalle. It also includes some sweet dish. Traditionally this thali used to be served in bronze utensils, however since bronze is now a precious metal, the thalis are served in stainless steel utensils. Gandhi road is quite a go in many Darjeeling tourism packages, so if you go there, visit Revolver Restaurant, where you can savour the delectable thali.

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