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Meatless Protein Diet

>> Apr 22, 2016

There are a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions about vegans, especially the idea of not getting enough protein for the body from a meatless diet. Another big misconception is the myth that people who are vegans will not be able to build muscle mass like meat eaters as they are deficient in protein. If a vegetarian diet is planned properly, it is easy to incorporate enough protein for the body and for building muscle. Here are some handy tips on how to include more meatless protein into your diet which can even help the carnivores out there. These are simple strategies to follow.

Intake of Different Protein Sources

There are so many different sources of proteins out there besides meat. Sources like nuts, legumes, seeds and beans are extremely protein rich. Peas and lentils is a much more protein rich, inexpensive and flavorful alternative to meat. Dairy products also have high protein content. If you eat dairy, like milk, cheese and eggs are good alternatives too. One cup of cooked spinach offers upto 4.7 grams of protein. It shows how vegetables and even fruits can sometimes be a good source of protein.

Protein Rich Side Dishes

Large percentages of the daily required protein can also be consumed by having a protein loaded side dish. Beans, lentils, legumes, greens and some grains can be used as a healthy side dish. Popular recipes are that of hummus (that is made from garbanzo beans) and black bean patties. Quinoa is a very healthy gluten free grain that is a rich source of fiber and offers about 6 grams of protein per serving. All it requires is a bit of planning before deciding on a meal.

Using Meat Substitutes

Soy products can be used as a healthy alternative to meat. Although you should be careful to choose and avoid genetically modified varieties. There are fermented soy products like tofu and tempeh that are increasingly becoming popular and are considered a healthy option in reasonable quantities. Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans and mixed with grains like rice. It has a nutty flavor and a firm texture. Seitan is meatier and has a chewy and dense texture; it is made from wheat protein. All these products are commonly found and should be available in all grocery stores.

Protein Shakes

There are a lot of varieties of shakes that are available and are a good source of protein for people, especially after an intense workout. Having protein after a workout is very beneficial for the repair of muscles and to prevent muscle soreness. It is best taken within 30 minutes to 2 hours after a workout. One of the most commonly available protein powder is whey protein that is a dairy product and is very effective for muscle recovery. There are dairy free powders available too that is made from peas and brown rice. You can use them by adding them to any smoothies and it serves as a delicious snack.

If you need more information about vegan diets or you are thinking about switching to a vegetarian, you can contact us on Fitness19. All you need is some simple meal planning to get the protein your body needs.

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