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A Guide to Pediatric Dermatology

>> Apr 21, 2016

Children are completely dependent on their parents, and bringing up the children in such a way that they are safe and sound and do not have any problems is the responsibility of the parents. But there are many occasions on which the parents fail to understand the requirement of their children, thereby leading to a difficult situation for both the child and the parent.

Skin rashes and other dermatological problems are very common in children, in fact, in newborns too. Dermatological problems called acne neonatrum can been in children below the age of 90 days, which may be accompanied by a complication called neonatal sepsis. The treatment of this is however, rather simple. Just regular cleansing with soap and water thoroughly can help ease this condition.

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But the neonatal sepsis requires a more elaborate treatment with the inclusion of relative protein counts, a spinal tap and some blood work. This could also culminate in a stay at the hospital and the administration of antibiotics.

The risks of skin rashes range from minor to very complex ones. Hence, care should be taken at the onset of the disorder under the supervision of expert and veteran dermatologists who specialize in pediatric dermatology. Kenneth Reed MD is a professional dermatologist with a degree from the Harvard university and has a specialization in the treatment of acne. He has been helpful in bringing relief to many Boston residents from the painful clutches of acne. He is associated with the South Shore hospital and the Jordan hospital, MA.

Often as a parent, you might misjudge a visible rash on your child’s skin as something that is going to disappear with time. Since there is a lot of risk involved in it, it would be better for you to have an overview of what possible disorders could happen to your child’s skin. It is acceptable till the rash is benign, but you never know if it may happen to be harpes simplex or neonatal sepsis. The following are a few other skin discomforts that your child might go through.

Pertaining to erythema is erythematos in which there is redness of skin showing inflammation, and it is the result of a congestion in some capillary. Papules are small pimple like bumps that when scratched become crusty. Pustules have similar looks like papules but contain purulent materials in them. Sometimes you may also find some sort of discoloration of the skin, which are flat and fluid filled. These are called vesicles.

Dr. Kenneth Reed MD owns a dermatology service center known by the name of DermASAP, where he takes great pride in being able to provide pediatric dermatological remedies as well. He has extensive training from Harvard in laser medicine and cosmetic dermatology too. His clinic houses dermatologists who understand the concern of parents and hence works with the parents of each child separately in order to come to a consensus regarding the treatment of the child.

Children are innocent and your priceless possession, you would not want to trade anything in this world for them, so it is always better to be well educated about the probable problems that they might face so that you can combat them.

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