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Teachergive Sale 2023

Internet Marketing Through Blogging and SEO

>> Apr 16, 2016

One of the easiest and most effective ways of Internet marketing is blogging. Every business enterprise should have its own blog, embedded in its website. It is a natural way to engage customers to the website. At the same point of time, the blog should be related to the services or products, as offered by the company.

Managing the content along with SEO:

Article body:

Most of us filter down the interests, while blogging. As a result the blog can become boring in the long run. It is recommended to broaden the subject matter. For example, if a salon company opens a blog, the subject matter should not be only related to salon services. To engage more customers the blogger can involve fashion trends along with beauty tips. This will help in bringing a lot of traffic to the website.

Keywords placement:

The best suggested length for blogs is 600-800 words. It is advised not to make it too long. The words count should always give enough space to add a good number of keywords. However, don’t overstuff the content with keywords.

Try to make it to a ratio of 2:5. Your topic may also vary between 300-500 words. For better SEO, include your top keywords in your title and first paragraph. This where the backend of the search engine spiders look for. Be sure that the language sounds natural and is easy to understand.

Image placement and optimizing it:

Visuals are always attractive. No one likes to read a flat and monotonous blog post. Give beautiful post-enriched images as much as possible. If you don’t have relative pictures, you can also give infographics. Infographics are graphically designed. 

However, don’t give heavy pictures. Compress the resolution of the pictures to 72dpi. The lesser the dpi the lesser time the pictures will take to load. Additionally, if possible give the ATL tag along with the picture.

Optimizing the Meta Description

Meta description is at the forefront of the blog post. It works the best, if you select a small text that is enjoyable to read. Make it concise and full of keywords. You can also use long tail keywords for proper search.

Linking your blog post to other articles and web pages

Internal links are very important tools, for better positioning of your pages. These internal links are commonly known as contextual links. They are useful because they are placed within the sentences and paragraphs. Moreover, it readily comes up within the related searches pages. Continuously process will also generate new traffic.

Guest blogging

There are number of blogs that are already highly optimized. Since they are very popular, most of the time they hire writers to write for their blog posts. It is beneficial if you are new blogger and looking for good online presence. 

You can mention about you at the end of the article. This is a very useful in generating content specific traffic, to your own website. However, don’t give too much information about yourself and your blog. Always be content specific, so that the readers don’t lose interest while reading it.

Digital marketing

Now, that you have a blog and you are posting informative topics, you need to market it. A huge amount of money can go in a fluke, if you don’t plan it accordingly. The best way of letting everyone know that you are a blogger is by email marketing.

You will get number of web portals that allow you to send free bulk mails. But, most of the time free mails often land up in spam. For effective marketing, you can opt for bulk email marketing services in Mumbai. Their services are affordable and works real time.

Lastly, maintain a good relationship with other bloggers. Networking can help you a lot as well. Go to related events and bloggers meet, when invited.

Susan Carter is a senior sales consultant at GingerDomain.com. She writes prolifically on the various issues and concerns of contemporary online marketers.

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