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Some Personal or Family Issues for Quitting a Lease Early

>> Apr 5, 2016

It is really a difficult proposition to quit a house rent lease early because it is very much a legally binding deed. One common way of quitting a lease early without any legal repercussions is when the landlord goes on breaching a provision mentioned in the lease and doesn’t bother to fix the issue within the stipulated time. There are some personal or family or other reasons for breaking a lease early as allowed and accepted by the real estate law. Here are some of the reasons related to your personal life or family life that could lead to quitting a lease before the full term.

When the Spouse Passes Away
Losing your life partner is a truly traumatic experience for anyone. If you lose your spouse, you could be faced with an emotional and perhaps financial crisis and that may compel you to leave your current apartment and cope with the tremendous loss in your life. Many statutes give you the right to break a lease early if your spouse expires. This is simply because the courts view the death of a life partner as the end of a co-tenant relationship or joint tenancy.

Most laws necessitate you to give adequate notice to the landlord about the spouse’s passing away and your intention to vacate the apartment. If you do not send proper and adequate notice, you could be liable to pay for the damages that have resulted from not furnishing adequate reason and not giving adequate notice. If the landlord is not notified in time, you would have to pay for the damages.

When You Break Up With Your Partner
You are not supposed to break up simply because you are emotionally distressed or traumatized as a result of the breakup. In case, you were living in the apartment with your partner who was supposed to be your co-tenant then you would be required to take full responsibility for all the dues and payments. You would have to fulfill all obligations mentioned in the deed, on his behalf. You should not expect any sort of cooperation or sympathy from your landlord. You simply won’t be released from your responsibility. However, do not give up the opportunity to negotiate with your landlord regarding a lease release.

Try to negotiate a release and do not abandon the lease overnight. If you have been fortunate enough to have a friendly or cordial breakup, you should sit down and converse issues coolly with your ex for discussing and evaluating the best options available to you. Do both of you wish to quit the lease or the amount of time you intend to stay in the same apartment until one of you locates a new place for himself.

Bad Memories & Emotional Trauma
Living in any apartment could be miserable if the stay is filled with unpleasant memories. The emotional trauma could be adversely affecting several other aspects of your personal or family life or even your job performance, or your ability to raise a family or concentrate in your studies at school. While the effects are negative, unbearable and real, it does not in any way, give you the right to quit a lease early.

The only effective way of resolving the issue is to communicate with your landlord and request him for a lease release. You could offer to locate new tenants, post free ads on the Internet, pay for classified advertisements in the newspapers and be flexible about allowing prospective tenants to view your current apartment that you wish to leave soon.

Author Bio: Martin Farber is a financial consultant working for a solutions firm in the private sector. He enjoys blogging and runs a financial blog where he recommends sites and services like http://leasequit.com/and much more.

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