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Teachergive Sale 2023

Choose the Best Internist Physician in Greensboro

>> Apr 22, 2016

According to thousands of families living in Greensboro that when it comes to the need for a dependable general physician for this North Carolina based community, the patient friendly internist Dr Vijay Boggala MD is the majorities choice. Having been associated with the well-known medical setting Moses H-Cone Medical Center, Greensboro, the promising doctor has been serving the community people as well as patients from distant places with his superior quality healthcare services and guidelines right from his joining in the profession. Dr Vijaya is supported by the State Medical Board Certification of NC who has specialization in Internal Medicine.

Following completion of the medical degree and residency course from Kurnool Medical College in 2005, Dr. Vijaya joined the healthcare industry as an internist. Apart from his great proficiency in analysis, diagnose and treatment, the best thing that makes him different from many internal medicine specialists is his exclusive advices or counseling to his patients and their family members. The doctor thinks that in healthcare management process as medications has a great role; if patients bring certain changes in their way of life in terms of their dietetic or invest some time for workouts then they can be benefited in a better and quicker way, and for a longer period of time. Being an efficient and experienced internist Dr. Vijaya Prakash Boggala is an ultimate solution because he can give your support in all directions from common health check up to screening of cancer or complete treatment for chronic arthritis.

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At Moses Cone medical facility, the popular physician Dr. Vijaya Boggala performs his duties as an indoor physician while you can also obtain his services as an outdoor patient. In his team, he has been outfitted with an efficient nurse and a caregiver who coordinate with the doctor in different ways to speed up the process of patient care services. As for example while the nurse measures and notes down the blood pressure of a patient, the caregiver typically helps an elderly person to take into the doctor’s chamber. Since the clinic is equipped with kinds of medical facilities, as per doctor’s requirement, you can undergo the necessary lab tests, cardiogram or x-ray procedures under the same roof. This is a great advantage especially under situations when you need an urgent report for the assessment of a bone fracture due to an injury or equivalent circumstances.

During treatment process, if your health report demands advanced management or treatment of an expert such as orthopedic, nephrologists and so on, Dr. Vijaya Prakash Boggala refers you to a suitable specialist surgeon or doctor in the same premises or to those who are practicing in the nearby areas. He is a very efficient doctor who can help you get relief from many chronic ailments like cold and cough, asthma, arthritic pain and more. Apart from prescribing medications, the doctor gives complete guidance for diet plan, tips on helpful workouts and the dos and don’ts that help patients to a great extent. To get in touch with Dr. Vijaya, it is advisable to get a prior appointment.  

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