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Fighting Poverty Is Easy When We Do It Together

>> Apr 6, 2016

No one can deny that there are problems in this world. People all over the globe are experiencing detrimental situations like poverty, lack of food and clean water, dangerous occupations and much more. Today, however, there are dozens of organisations whose sole purpose is to fight this type of inequality and injustice, and they do some amazing work. These organisations are raising money continuously, and use this money to help poor and struggling people everywhere. Especially in areas such as fighting poverty, this work seems to be never-ending, but fortunately, these organisations are making huge strides in reducing these and other problem areas around the world.

Photo: Amy Christian/OxfamAUS
Solving Problems Doesn’t Have to Be Complex
Worldwide problems can seem overwhelming, but once you find an organisation that is devoted to eliminating or easing these problems, it is a little less alarming. Charity organisations can be found everywhere, and despite what some people may think, they are doing an amazing job at reducing poverty and offering people a better chance at a fulfilling life. These organisations tend to concentrate on several areas, including:

  • Poverty solutions that include working with communities in order to teach them some long  term solutions
  • Extra assistance during emergency situations, such as natural disasters and people displaced as a result of conflict
  • Working to end global hunger by improving areas such as food, water and climate change
  • Work on trade issues and issues that involve workers’ rights, fair trade and corporate responsibility
  • Improving access to clean food and water
  • Improving the rights of women across the globe, which increases both families’ and children’s rights
  • Improving mining conditions, which includes transparency in revenue and doing business in so-called 'conflict' zones

Organisations that assist in these and other areas always have a lot of work to do, but fortunately there are many generous people in the world that can assist them in doing their work. Visiting websites such as https://www.oxfam.org.au is an excellent first step when trying to research and decide on which company to donate money to.

Donating the Easy Way
Donating money to a charitable organisation is especially simple these days thanks to the Internet. In fact, most organisations’ websites are comprehensive and contain all the information you need before making a donation. They list details of all of their work, and even include full-colour photographs of the areas they serve. Whether it serves people across the country or across the globe, the average person can find out all about what an organisation does by simply visiting its website.

Global problems may seem overwhelming, but thanks to today’s charitable organisations, these problems are being eased on a daily basis. Charities today concentrate not only on immediate assistance for people in need, but on providing these people with the tools they need to ensure that their needs will be met in the future. They help with the here and now, and with their future needs, so that these people will eventually get a real chance at a fulfilling life.

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Nancy Chan April 6, 2016 at 10:21 PM  

Great post! Poverty is a tough problem in the world. Have a wonderful day!

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