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8 basic Tips for air conditioner installation

>> Apr 28, 2016

If you have bought a new air conditioner for your home this summer, your job does not end there, as you need the professionals to install the air conditioner. The size of the air conditioner and the space in which it is to be installed are important points to note before you go for the installation. But even if you get professional help, make sure you are supervising it to prevent any loopholes. If you install window units, for instance, then make sure that you install small units as the cooling will be faster then.

Tips for air conditioner installation, even when you have an expert

  1. Make sure the condensing unit that is placed outside is in a shaded area. That way, you can save on cooling costs by another 1 to 2 percent. Other than that, the unit should be away from obstructions, and someplace where the noise won’t trouble your neighbors.
  1. The professional installing your unit should make sure there are enough air registers for supply and return. They are needed to make sure warm air returns to the air conditioner.
  1. The place where your indoor unit is being installed should have ample space for all the components. In fact, there should be enough space for a person to carry out repair and maintenance work too. Keep that in mind.
  1. It is always a good idea to have an access door for the duct so that it can be cleaned at regular intervals.
  1. Whenever possible, ask the air conditioner installation professional to install air ducts within the cooled area. It prolongs the life of ducts.
  1. Make sure that the professional seals all the ducts with duct mastic. In case the ducts are installed in an attic, where it can get unusually hot, the ducts should be amply insulated to protect them from heat.
7. The thermostat too should be located away from sources of direct heat.

       8. Once all the components are installed, make sure the professional has set the unit with the right      refrigerant charge, and that the unit is set to the correct air flow. You will be able to gauge air flow over a period of a week or so. If your place is cooling too quickly, the air flow needs to be reduced. If your place is not getting cooled enough, the air flow is too slow. Ask your installation engineer to adjust the air flow accordingly.

Tips for windows air conditioner installation

The above tips were valid for split system air conditioners, which are the most common kinds these days. While not many people use window units these days, it is still worthwhile to look at some helpful tips for their installation.

1. Support the window with a piece of wood- You cannot simply slide the air conditioning unit outside a window and let it slip as far as it will go.  Instead, place a log of wood beneath the unit to support the weight. Make sure the wood is thick enough to support the weight of the unit amply. If the unit is too heavy, you can take the help of L brackets for installation.

2. Use insulating foam

Air conditioners have to work harder in a poorly insulated room. With window units, the window is essentially open all the time. In order to increase its efficiency, use insulation foam wherever you see a gap between the frame of the window and the AC unit. You can easily get insulation foam at your local hardware store.

Apart from that, the air conditioner’s level must also be maintained, in order to ensure that it works properly. The internal channels of the conditioner must be arranged in such a manner that they send the condensed water to the drains directly.

If you are ready for a new air conditioner installation then get expert advice to pick the right choice for your family.

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