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10 known facts about cleaning

>> May 24, 2016

Do you think that cleaning can have a therapeutic value on your body? Or are you one of those who hate even the thought about cleaning the home? Regardless of how you feel about this indispensable part of life, there are several interesting things about cleaning that you’ve probably never heard about before. Focus Office Cleaning compiled a list of random facts about cleaning and you will probably find something that you will like.
1. If you clean two hours a day, you will burn 200 calories.

2. 70% of dust particles consist of dandruff of dead skin.  

3. Cleaning is important because the average person spends 87% of their time indoors

4. Most people say that their favorite room for cleaning is the bathroom. Whaaaat? Yes, as you can see some people enjoy cleaning their bathroom while others think that this is the hardest part of cleaning.

5. If you use unsuitable cleaning products, the quality of indoor air can be up to 500% worse than the air outdoors. Choosing the appropriate cleaning products is a lot more important than you think. There are a lot of stores where you can find natural products that do not contain chemicals at all. This is what you need to look for. Protect your health and the health of the whole family.

6. Using ketchup for poor or corroded brass will help restore its splendor!    
7. Most kitchen sinks are actually more bacteria than a toilet! I know. How crazy is that? But try it you may be surprised.

8. About 75% of all diseases worldwide are related to improper storing of food. You need to be careful about food storing. Use appropriate materials for storage and make sure your refrigerator is always clean because that is the place where you store most of the food. Even though it is cold in there, there are still some types of bacteria that can survive on cold temperatures.

9. More than 50 million people suffer from allergies. Allergy to dust or dust mites is one of the most common allergies. And why does this happen? Mostly because people don’t know how to properly clean their carpets. Detailed and deeply cleaning of carpets is much more important than you think. Constant exposure to dust can lead to allergies. This is why you need to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of your carpets. Once a month is just enough to maintain the cleanliness of the carpets in your home.

10. By spraying the surface and immediately wiping it, you perform only half of the job. Most of the bacteria will remain on the surface even after you wipe it. This is why you need to let the product for at least a minute and then wipe with a soft dry cloth.

These are facts that should be known by every home – owner who wants to maintain a clean and healthy home.

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