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3 Intuitive Ways of Outsourcing IT Support in San Francisco

>> May 11, 2016

Own a small business and IT is a huge part of your business process? Do you have an in-house IT team? If you do, did you know your IT manager takes $80, 000 of your money per year? Let’s not even talk about the network guy or the computer maintenance guy or the cost of doing business in the Bay Area.

If you are a small to medium business, you shouldn’t be spending this amount of cash on operational costs. The money can easily be diverted to improving your business by simply outsourcing your IT support and related IT needs. 
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The Telegraph reported last year that by outsourcing IT, firms and small businesses save as much as 30% in operational costs. But you have to do it in the right way if you’re to realize these savings. Here’s how to do it in San Francisco.

Outsourcing IT in San Francisco

The Mantra website shows that there are over 700 IT support firms in San Francisco alone. That’s quite a number to choose from. While variety in most cases is a good thing, in outsourcing it is not. It only increases your chances of bungling everything up. Just as you are likely to make a mistake spotting an individual zebra from a herd of zebras, finding the right firm from these many firms can be a challenge. 
Luckily, here are a few steps that can help you spot the right fit for your needs and expedite the entire process.

1.   Start Searching Within Your Own Network

Searching within your own business network is a great way to find a reliable contractor. Ask other business owners where they get their IT services from and chances are that you will find a reliable tech firm to handle your Bay Area IT support needs.

You may even snoop around and find where the competition gets its Bay Area IT services from. Approach the service provider and see if they can help out with your needs. Alternatively, ask your family and friends or even employees for a few suggestions. Social media platforms can be leveraged to make the search easier. Use them to find local and competent outsourcing firms around the Bay Area.

2.   Post Ads on Job Sites

If you can’t get any good recommendations from your network, try a job site. But you have to be careful while posting ads on job sites. Craiglists debacles should be an eerie reminder of this. Preferably, use well known freelancing sites to improve your chances of getting a decent IT support firm. Make sure your ad is specific in both your business needs and job details.

3.   Canvassing

Nothing beats walking up to a firm and getting a first-hand experience of the type of service you’ll get. So hop on to your favorite search engine and look for local firms that offer Bay Area IT services. Make a list of prospective firms by checking their online reputation. That is, look for what other customers have to say about the firm. Armed with your list, visit each firm personally to see if they can handle the IT processes you want to outsource.

Follow these steps and you should be well on your way to carving your very own business empire in the Bay Area.

Author Bio
Patrick Humbert is a start-up enthusiast. He discusses every aspect of starting a successful business venture with professional IT support and shares his knowledge through numerous published articles. When he’s not digging up information on start-ups, Patrick likes to spend his time tending to his garden in San Francisco. 

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