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Advantages of Living in Makati

>> May 1, 2016

Arguable, the home of luxury condominiums is Makati in the Philippines. It is a bustling city filled with life and people from different walks of life. Being a progressive city, Makati has become the largest business hub in the Philippines with many reputable companies and businesses making the city their home. The city is known for its rapid financial and infrastructural growth in the past couple of decades and this has cemented its place in the Metro as the city to be in.
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Living in Makati, however, is a different experience from working and conducting business in the growing city. Makati is relatively famous for being stricter when it comes to the implementation of the law, namely traffic and financial laws. This makes the city safer and friendlier to businesses. Here are some the advantages of living in Makati:

1.   Centered – Makati is arguably a central pillar of the Philippine National Capital Region. Everything can be found in the city, from malls to restaurants to the hottest clubs. Real Estate Corporations also tend to continue developing Makati by continuously building state of the art condos in the ever-growing city. Simply put, Makati is at the center of everything a person can need, grocery stores, shopping malls and restaurants are plentiful in the city.
2.   Security – As stated above, Makati is stricter when it comes to the implementation and enactment of laws. Makati has a reputable Police force, an ever present Traffic Enforcement Agency ensuring the safety of the public both on and off the road.
3.   Popularity – Makati is one of the busiest hubs because a lot of celebrities and notable personages had made the city their home. This, in turn raises the value and reputation of the various businesses in the city. Simply put, just having these celebrities present in the city make the various businesses here the go-toplaces in the metro.
4.   Financial Stability – The past couple of decades has seen Makati become the central financial sector of the country. Many businesses and financial institutions made Makati their home, making the city the Philippines’ own version of Wall Street.
5.   Food –With many good businesses continuously growing because of the city, this in turn raises the competition between them up a notch. This translates to friendly rivalries popping up, upping the ante with regards to the quality and the standards of their services. Because of these rivalries, the quality of the food and services are at an all-time high making Makati a central food hub and simply, a place to eat good food at.

Makati as stated above is one of the biggest cities in the Philippines and it is its central financial sector. By itself, Makati is a beautiful city populated by passionate and colorful people but certainly has its faults. However, it doesn’t have to remain that way. People are more influential than they think and making Makati your home is definitely a step-up in making it a better place to live. 

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