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Teachergive Sale 2023

Guidelines To Find The Right Fit And Perfect Style Shirt For Your Body Type

>> May 2, 2016

Purchasing clothing of the right size and style is not that easy as it looks. When it comes to shirts, men are often confused and troubled finding the right fit shirt that suits their body type. Hence, you need to understand that which style will be right for what type of body type.

Body Types and Shirt Style

  •  Short Men: Finding the right style for short men can be a little tricky, but don’t worry. Short men can go for shirts that have vertical strips print that gives a longer visual impact. You need to choose the accessories wisely, never go for broad or wide ties but rather choose slim ties that enhance your posture well.
  • Tall Men: Tall men must always wear slim fit shirts that fit their shoulders perfectly. Wear a shirt of proper height, neither short nor long. Avoid wearing vertical strip printed shirts. You can use a belt or a hat always to break the long visual impact of your torso.
  • Slim men: For skinny men, shirts having bold horizontal stripe can be best. It makes your shoulder and chest look broader. You can also try wearing other strip patterned shirts. Never go for dull or dark colors, instead you can experiment a little and try some bright colors that go with well with your body complexion.
  •  Large Men: Large men often struggle finding the shirts that won’t make their body shape look bad. Pinstripe shirts are the best for large men. Shirts with vertical strip print and dark color can be best for you.

image src: bearwear.ie/products/cotton-check-shirt

Other details to consider

  • Neck Size: You need to measure the size of your neck prior purchasing a shirt. Go for a shirt that perfectly fits your neck size or it may look a little awkward.
  •  Sleeve Size: For the perfect sleeve size, you need to measure the middle of your back till your shoulder. Then measure from your shoulder down your arm till your thumb. You then need to add up these measurements for the perfect sleeve length.
  • Fit: According to your body shape and size, you will have to decide how fit you want your shirt. Regular fit normally suits most of the body types. You can try a tight fit look when you are tall and have a larger statute.
  • Cuffs: Barrel cuff is one of the ideal options for normal regular fit shirts. They go really well with shirts that are worn in daily routine or casual circumstances. French cuffs give a more formal look than Barrel cuffs. They require more fabric to fold back the sleeve. Convertible cuff can be closed with either cufflinks or buttons.
  • Collar: The most commonly used collars are Straight-point collars. Made with soft fabric, they complement most of the face types. For round and broader face types, Spread collar will be the best option.

Picking up the right dress that suits your body and posture not only enhances your personality but also builds up your confidence. Whether they are large men shirts or shirts for slim tall guy, just know your body size well and with the above listed guidelines you can pick the best shirt.

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Nancy Chan May 2, 2016 at 9:14 PM  

Useful guidelines when shopping for men's shirt.

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