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Gape in Awe at the Wonders of Bhutan

>> May 2, 2016

There's no place on earth entirely like Bhutan. The final Himalayan kingdom is an area separated, where Bhutanese men walk the boulevards clad in conventional robes and knee-length Argyle socks, and neighborhood celestial prophets still guide individuals through life's real choices. Now and again a trek to Bhutan feels like travelling back in the medieval past. However, this is not a place stuck in time. So seize the moment, for this is the ideal opportunity to experience Bhutan.

Looking for a perfect holiday to escape the monotony of the Mumbai life that you are leading? Well, go online, search for the best Bhutan tour packages from Mumbai, and you are sorted. This will be undoubtedly be your trip of a lifetime. The following places would be the highlight of your Bhutan trip. Make note!

    1.  Gangtey Valley

The valley of Gangtey is a standout amongst the most staggering valleys in the Himalayas, and numerous call it the Shangri-La of Bhutan, pretty much as how Bhutan is surely understood for being "one of the world's happiest countries." The shock of discovering such a wide, level valley with no trees after the hard move through thick backwoods is expanded by an impression of incomprehensible space, which is to a great degree an uncommon involvement in Bhutan as the vast majority of the valleys are firmly encased.

2. Tower of Trongsa

This watchtower (Ta Dzong) on the slope over the dzong has been changed over into an astounding gallery by the same Austrian-financed group that revamped the great Patan Museum in Nepal. The five stories of this museum highlight Buddhist workmanship and illustrious memorabilia, including such shifted treasures as the 500-year-old coat of Ngagi Wangchuk and the football boots utilized by the teenaged fourth lord. The most holy religious thing is a duplicate of the Padma Kathang, a life story of Guru Rinpoche composed by his consort Yeshe Tsogyel.

3. Uma Paro Hotel

Uma Paro Hotel roosts gladly on a Himalayan mountain, flanked by thick pine woods with perspectives that overlay the Paro area. One of the remote kingdom's sole boutique lodgings, it offers rich interiors, delicious food, a spoiling Como Shambhala spa, and a cool pool in the midst of the mind blowing, beguiling view. You could lose hours simply hypnotizing at the mystical Himalayan scene.

4. Punakha Dzong

This dzong was the second dzong to be built in Bhutan and it served as the capital and seat of government until Thimphu was elevated to the top occupation in the mid-1950s. It's apparently the most wonderful dzong in the nation, particularly in spring when the lilac-shaded jacaranda trees convey a lavish hue to the dzong's naturally towering whitewashed pillars. Intricately painted gold, red and dark cut woods add to the aesthetic delicacy of touch.

5. Tiger’s Nest Monastery
The Tiger's Nest Monastery stands on a cliff and looks down over the charming backwoods of blue pines and rhododendrons. As this lovely and extremely uncommon cloister is a climb of900 meters, a horse can be hired for the ride up, however just until the cafeteria. From that point on, it is another precarious walk and some slender stairs towards the cloister itself. The trail crosses a house of prayer of butter lamps and slides to a waterfall by the Snow Lion Cave. The perspective of the Paro valley from here on is stunning.

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