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All Fun, Yes Play – Finding Balance in your Condo

>> May 1, 2016

Finding balance between work and home is often seen as a difficult thing to do. Work is a necessary experience that people go through to sustain themselves and their families. Money is often spoken of as the cog that makes the world go round and one of the most common ways of earning it is through work. It can also go without saying that money is necessary to procure necessities, such as buying Luxury Condominiums in Pasig City or even an apartment in Manila. Home on the other hand is important because it is a place of rest and a place for love and spending quality time with family.
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Home life specialists often claim that work and home should be separate and most companies agree. The thing about owning a business is that it cannot flourish if its employees are demotivated. “Everything in moderation” is a mantra that spiritualists and motivational speakers tell their listeners. It can therefore be said that finding equilibrium to balance work life with home life is an ideal that is certainly difficult to achieve, however it isn’t impossible.

Here are some ways that people can practice in order for them to find balance in their lives:
1.   Separation – Learn to separate work from play. Play in this case means relaxation and other soothing activities that not only help people recover from fatigue, but also things that help them grow as individuals and professionals in their own right. Some examples include reading a new book. One of the best ways to learn and retain information is reading the thought processes of renowned specialists in their field. For example, if one is a social media engineer then picking up a book or even an article by the owner of a successful social media site is one way of broadening their scope. Of course at the end of the day, play still means play so outside of work, finding the time to simply relax or bond with family is also an idea way to find balance at home.

2.   Homemaking – As stated above, the home is a place of relaxation and in order to do that, one must make their home homely. This is actually quite simple because in order to make a place home, they must make it into their place of comfort. This involves placing decorations that suit their tastes and purchasing some home appliances. Owning a home is seen as a source of pride for people who provide for their family because purchasing one’s first home is an achievement that many yearn for growing up.

3.   Bonding – Finding the time to enjoy some activities with family is stimulating because it is done with familiar people who share a bond with one another. It’s also a great way to distress because finding people who really care and are willing to listen is a rare thing, even in the world we live in now is connected through the world wide web. It could also be said that it is precisely because of the internet that people rarely have the time for some much needed personal interaction. Make it a point to have a conversation with friends or family at least once a day during meals to relax.

4.   Establishment – Finally, making a home your home cannot be done until you establish deep within your heart that the building you live in is not just any building, it is your home. This is important because finding balance in your condo, your home, can only be done when you really consider your condo your home.

As stated earlier, work is a necessity for people; studies show, however, that people who can’t find balance between work and home tend to perform poorly compared to people who lead a happy home life. 

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