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Zen Principles in Designing Your Home Interiors

>> May 10, 2016

Due to the stressful and erratic times, life is becoming pretty challenging and it is extremely tough to find relaxation and tranquility. So you are left with no choice but to create a haven of peace in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This is precisely why Zen principles are becoming more and more popular and are being applied in home décor and interior design. Zen actually means meditation. It reflects relaxation balance and harmony in interior designing.

In this context, you must realize that Zen is not really a properly laid down design style and it does not boast of a book containing the strict rules. Zen is mostly associated with simplicity, minimalism and also, purity of lines. It is an effective way of arranging and organizing your residential properties in such a manner that it creates an ambiance that offsets the hassle and stress of everyday routine. Here are some pretty simple steps for turning your home completely Zen.

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Always Opt for Earthy Colors

A Zen-inspired pattern is associated with natural colors in relatively softer tones like grey, white, pink beige or other shades of beige that are powerful enough to induce an element of calmness and relaxation. Chromatic harmony is extremely vital, between the diverse elements. There should be visual continuity between furniture, walls, and floors. You could consider adding contour to an absolutely monochrome space by combining any dominant color with complementary textured textiles and objects like beige with rosewood and white with moleskin. For creating diversity you could consider combining two complementary or matching colors or playing with different shades of your most favorite color.

Soft Feel Under Your Feet

Parquet is the best choice. It could be really soft and cozy. It is better if you opt for white or grayish parquet. You may choose any color that matches with the rest of your home décor, but it is better to stick to soft colors. You could consider resin floor finishing that seems to be really comfortable for a loft or modern ambiance. Wool carpets are really soft and cozy but they need a lot of maintenance. Always keep in mind that the color of the carpet should be matching with the floor. Stick to colors such as grey, khaki, and moleskin.

Light & Natural Fabrics

The fabrics that you would be using in your house should be comfortable, light and natural. One of the integral elements of Zen home décor is your curtains that should ideally be providing a feeling of intimacy while at the same time blocking air draughts and reducing noise. Opt for natural fabrics such as wool, linen or bunting wool.

Natural and Soft Lighting

You must play with natural and soft lights for creating a Zen ambiance. You should be getting rid of harsh fluorescent lights and opting for a candle or nature-inspired lights. Placing different light sources is a good idea for controlling the intensity. You could use some scented candles if you enjoy the thought of diffused light.

Keep Furniture Natural & Simple

Furniture should be characterized by clear and simple lines. Zen style furniture should not have any sort of ornamentation or elaborate detailing. Furniture should essentially, be made of 100 percent natural materials and should be of excellent quality. They should exude a sense of relaxation and warmth.

Minimal Decorations & Minimal Ornamentation

Wall decorations should be kept simple. Avoid overcrowding with photos and paintings and keep only the ones that are your hot favorites. For a completely harmonious library, you could consider covering all your books using monochrome paper.

Create an Amazing Atmosphere with Natural Scents

You could use a beeswax candle, or soy candle or homemade linen spray and essential oils for enhancing your home with fresh perfumes that have a truly calming effect at bedtime and an invigorating effect when you wake up.

You should get rid of all electronic disturbances as they are not compatible to Zen décor. Use green plants to infuse a soothing and calming effect to the overall aesthetic ambiance. Most importantly, you need to eliminate clutter as clutter could inhibit relaxation.

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is a real estate broker and blogger. He mainly covers promising projects in the Mumbai-Pune area and also maintains detailed posts about each property on his blog. Recently he has been concentrating on the residential projects in Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

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