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Teachergive Sale 2023

Jon Bourbeau Receives the Honorary title from NAIOP

>> May 10, 2016

One of the primary work areas of NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association is identifying the dedicated and true achievers in real estate industry in US. Having been endowed with more than 15,000 members from North America, the organization NAIOP supports almost all realty firms and companies in various ways has a supreme access especially in commercial real estate and its related growth and developmental projects. The major objective of NAIOP is the comprehensive growth and development in the real estate industry in USA.
Miami metro area-image:en.wikipedia.org
Jon Bourbeau, the vice chairman and key executive of Newmark Grubb Knight Frankhas been given the honorary title of ‘The Broker of the Year’ by South Florida chapter of NAIOP. Newmark Grubb Knight Frank which is a Miami based firm is one of the fastest expanding commercial real estate companies in the world. Jon Bourbeau has gained this special title and recognition from the whole community related with the business in real estate industry in US for his unbelievable vision power, expertise and attitude that helped him win many cases in crucial property related deals in South Florida. 

Before walking into NGKF, Jon Bourbeau worked for a series of well-known American corporate enterprises including universities, banks and others. Throughout his career life, wherever he has offered his services, he has always been appreciated by his employers or management. This is just not because of his skill, knowledge and self-confidence, but the way he teams up and cooperates with his co-workers, guide his team members or helps them and also help the entire organization enact and produce successful result.

Senior members to employers or co-workers value Jon’s professionalism, his innovative concepts and friendly attitude. As per the people of management of NGKF, no matter how critical a deal is, when it comes to the dexterity in giving and resolving effective solutions, Jon Bourbeau is simply unparalleled. While working in Miami for some other real estate company, his efficiency in closing deals became a real buzz in the industry. He has not only become highly popular to his management but to hundreds of clients who has been greatly supported and backed by him with best management of property solutions and advices. Thus he was hired to perform as a senior development executive by the world’s leading real estate association, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank. However, at the age of 34, Jon’s amazing performance convinced the NGKF’s board members to offer him the chair of vice president of the enterprise.

Among the other top worthy procurements performed by Jon Bourbeau in South Florida are the huge transaction worth of $150 million, admeasuring area of 450,000 square feet. It is another big real estate construction project led by him quite effectively and successfully for a 20 million square feet area of property deal. Jon is also a passionate writer and feels immense pleasure in sharing his daily activities and experience, about the real estate industry and its major deals in his writing. One can also find his writings in the prominent Walls Street Journal other than the online social media sites. 

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