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Balancing Work and Play with the Family

>> May 31, 2016

The real world can be an intimidating place, especially if you used to be a care-free college student who recently graduated and is about to take on the role of a full fledge adult. Hence, you suddenly find yourselves thrown in the troughs of various responsibilities once you have stepped into the threshold of adulthood. To be able to sustain yourself, you are then hastily required to search for a way to earn income. Thankfully, there are many Banking Jobs in Myanmar available so that employment will not be a problem.

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As a young fresh graduate, you will find that the life of a working class citizen is something that you can easily adjust to. However, the real challenge comes when you start your very own family.Without warning, you find yourself in situations where you have to prioritize one from the other. And thus the age old question arises: which comes first, your family or your career? Fortunately, you don’t have to choose one. Through balance,it is most certainly possible to enjoy the company of your family while earning the income that you and your loved ones rightly deserve. The journey to achieve this can be difficult, but with these tips, and a bit of luck, we assure you that the outcome will be worth it.

Accepting Balance
Believe it or not, a simple decision can easily create or break the balance. To achieve the goal you seek, it is important to hone your judgment and thus you must first learn your strengths and weaknesses. Being able to determine the things that you can and cannot do will lead to better decisions, better results, and eventuallythe harmony between work and family. Mastering this first step can definitely mold the path to balance.

“A Family That Eats Together, Stays Together”
Communication, considered by many, is the foundation of any relationship. But take it from us, communication is better engaged if there is food involved.  Make it habit to eat dinner with your family as much as you can. Even if you have already eaten out because of a meeting or a co-worker you can’t turn down, grab a light snack and sit with them at the table. This gesture will be greatly appreciated by your loved ones, and you won’t miss the story wherein your child won “The Friendliest Classmate” award at school.

Nights Can Be Special
For most, having a job means that the only free time they have is after work hours which usually translate to night time. So why not convert one of your free nights into something special that the whole family can enjoy? Dedicate a single night or even two in celebration of a hobby that your family is into like movies, computers, puzzles, games or even toys. The best part? You’re not only having fun with the best people in the world, you’re also distressing yourself after a long day at work.

Life at times can get pretty hard, especially if you have a demanding career and a family who constantly misses you. Because of this, you have to strive for balance to keep yourself and both parties happy. However, balance does not mean perfection. Hence, there will be times when a decision has to be made and one has to be prioritized from the other, such as out of town business meetings where you have to spend a night or two away from your family. Accept the fact that sometimes there will be imbalance between the two, and you will find that harmony will bloom from this acceptance. After all, balance is not improbable, but it is a possibility.

Author Biography:
Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy,) is a Communications Degree holder, passionate writer, currently working as a local Public Relations Officer and an online Marketing Representative.
Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!
Follow her on twitter: @kimmygayeta

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