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Motorcycle Accident Casualties Statistics - An Eye Opener for All Riders

>> May 10, 2016

Motorcycle rides are adventurous, but at the same time very dangerous too. Most motorcycle accidents result in severe head injuries, which may often cause death of the rider.

Motorcycle accident statistics

Motorcycle crash statistics reveal that approximately 4000 people succumb to head injuries caused by motorcycle accidents every year. The shocking fact revealed by reports is that though motorcycles comprise of only 2% of the total registered vehicles, motorcycle riders are 37 times at a higher risk of death caused by accident injuries as compared to car accidents.

Motorcycle accidents account for nearly 5% of highway casualties and 14% of traffic accidents. Statistics reveal that deaths caused as a result of motorcycle accidents have constantly registered a rise since the 1900’s. In 2004 alone, the death toll was 69.33 for every 100000 motorcycles registered. San Diego alone witnessed 57 motorcycle accident related deaths in 2012.
Reasons for motorcycle accidents

The constant increase registered in the number of deaths caused by motorcycle accidents cannot be attributed to the rising number of motorcycles on roads alone. There are several other factors responsible. Few of them are:

1.   Drunk driving
Around 30% of motorcycle casualties in the year 2003 were caused under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol has an impact on the driving capabilities of an individual, thus increasing the chances of motorcycle accidents.
2.   Lack of awareness
A lot of motorcycle accidents are caused due to lack of awareness. While riding a motorcycle, it is important to be aware about the fatalities involved in accidents. It is also important to remember that while driving, the other vehicles on road may not be able to see you. Remembering these points can motivate you to ride safely.
3.   Helmets do not offer complete protection
Statistics reveal that in 90% cases of deaths caused by motorcycle accidents, the riders wore helmets. It is important to remember that while helmets may offer protection against a number of injuries, they may fail to reduce the impact of fatal injuries.
4.   Single vehicle accidents
Most of the motorcycle accidents reported is single vehicle accidents. This implies that the accident was not caused as a result of colliding with another vehicle.

Dangerous riding spots

According to statistics, the intersection of Palomar Mountain Road and Route 76 is one of the most dangerous places for motorcycle riding in San Diego. The spot records the highest number of accidents every year. Few other potentially dangerous spots include:
·         Chihuahua Valley Road on Route 79.
·         Magnolia Avenue on Route 78.
·         Otay Lakes Road.
·         Interstate 5 on Route 76 and 78 in Oceanside.
·         East Grade Road on Route 76 and 79.

Dangerous riding times

Reports suggest that the most dangerous day to ride a motorcycle in and around San Diego is Saturday. On weekdays, the most dangerous time to ride is 5 p.m.
Motorcycle accident fatalities have constantly been on the rise. Keeping in mind the number of casualties involved can motivate riders to ride safely. With adequate safety precautions, the number of casualties can be reduced substantially.

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