Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Take Back Your Mobility

>> May 13, 2016

No matter if you find standing and sitting difficult because of an accident, age, or a pre-existing condition, you deserve the highest level of comfort within your home. If the proper level of comfort cannot be achieved, you might find yourself locked in your bed without any motivation to get up and move around. Modern technology has created a brand new take on the reclining chair, however, and you should take a moment to understand the many benefits of such advancements. One of the best purchases you could ever make for yourself is that of a rise recliner. Unlike a traditional recliner, which only allows you to lay back and does nothing to help you stand or sit, a rise recliner is designed to do just that.

How the Rise Works
Through the use of advanced hydraulics and other technologies, you can have your recliner rise to meet you in order to reduce the effort needed to sit. Once you decide to stand again, a simple press of a button will slowly bring the chair back to the same level and assist you in the act of standing. In order to use the chair safely, it is important to keep your hands on the armrests and allow the chair to do the work for you. Nottinghamshire mobility equipment is designed with your comfort and peace of mind at the forefront. These seats not only lift but tilt forward in order to reduce the amount of bending you must do yourself as you sit and stand. If you have trouble controlling your legs or experience weakness in your legs, this is an essential detail.

These you probably have a bit more experience with, as reclining chairs were introduced to the market decades ago. After your seat rises to meet you and helps you down, you can take advantage of the usual benefits associated with your recliner. First and foremost, your feet are lifted and you are allowed a comfortable position of either sitting or reclining. Such tasks as watching your favourite television show, eating meals, or reading no longer have to be enjoyed in your bed. No matter what brought about the need for assistance, you deserve the chance to enjoy your entire home and really get the most out of your comfort. 

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