Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Decorate Your Home With Sectional Sofas Utilizing Every Inch Of The Space

>> May 25, 2016

Selecting the furniture for your new home could be easy once you finish reading this interesting piece of information. Today there are verities of seating arrangements available in the market. Especially when it comes to the sofa or couch you will really get confused as which one to choose and how to finalise. With time there have been many improvements in the sofa designs to match the individuals’ requirements.

In earlier days people used to go for two piece or three piece sofa sets. Now the trend has changed, it’s the era of sectional sofa or sectional couch. These are basically the sofas with multiple detachable pieces that may be arranges in various forms and positions. There are number of verities in the design of sectional couches.
One of the most common and convenient design is of two piece sofas that can be arranged in right angle i.e. ninety degrees apart. This design was very much popular during 20th century. People used this design in home office, dens or simply family rooms. As time passed, design and taste of people changed and today you will get the sectional couches with two to seven pieces.

What all will be included in the sectional couch pieces?

  • Sofa - this is typically made up of cushion and back rests
  • Loveseats with two seats, these comes with two armrest per seat and may have console with cup holder
  •  Recliner - this can be placed next to loveseat or sofa
  •  Chair - this is a single seat available in the same configuration as that of recliner
  •  Corner wedge - this is useful where there is a space constraint or has larger space
  •  Console armrest - this can be used in between two seats
  •  Sleeper sofa - this is a convertible sofa with a bed folded within
  •  Chaise lounge - if you want to stretch yourself and relax then these will help you
  • if you want you bring in the home theater effect then you can place a wedge console in between two seats

You should also read some history of these couch sectionals with recliners. Even though the popularity of sectional sofas rose during mid 20th century, there are evidences that people used these sectional sofas in early 1800 which were much earlier to civil war in US.  Most of the historians and furniture experts say that people used painted end pieces which can be compared to today’s corner chairs. 

Historians say that as a result of the civil war there was a complete stop to the furniture development. Since people knew the advantages the industry bounced back with a bang immediately, after the civil war. During that period people were using carved, tufted and laminated furniture.

With the advancement of technology today you will get sectional sofas with all sorts of amenities built in to suit individual’s requirements such as powered recliners, built in cup holders etc. you can now buy your dream sectional sofa depending upon your budget and space availability. 

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