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Learn and Discover All About Bob Proctor, an Apostle of Successful Living!

>> May 17, 2016

Bob Proctor is well known across the world for his authority on the human mind and how it can be used to attract success in any form. With his organization, the Proctor-Gallagher Institute (PGI), he has travelled and taught people all over the world how to use their minds to attract wealth and change their circumstances. Bob's journey began in 1951 with a book known as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

A changed life
The book had a profound impact on Bob. He chose to transform his life for the better and achieve his ambitions. He also chose to teach others around the world how to do exactly the same thing. To keep the memories of Napoleon's book fresh in his mind, Bob listened to a recording of the book by Earl Nightingale as many times as he could.

With his new mindset and perspective, Bob Proctor decided to go and work at Nightingale-Conant. He worked there from 1968 to 1973. After that, he went off to build his own success coaching company. Since then, he has voraciously read almost every book on success and the human mind.

In the year 2006, Sandy Gallagher, an attorney with a successful career went to a three day conference held by Bob Proctor. In those three days, the seminar completely changed her outlook on life and career. She left her attorney profession, joined Bob and together they formed the Proctor-Gallagher Institute. Bob flourished in his new surroundings and today the bob proctor wiki indicates that he is one of the top wealth and success teachers in the world.

What does the Institute believe in?
Many educational institutions believe in insisting on information until it is held in memory. At the PGI, the view of education is different. The coaches at the institute seek to help students become aware of and build the talents and skills that they already have inside them. This is a form of thinking that was created by Napoleon Hill.

Success in life is derived from encouraging the desire, interests and talents of people by stimulating their minds. The coaches at PGI understand this fact. Thus, they teach the learners two major concepts:
1.   The inner workings of the mind
2.   How to expand its capabilities

Preaching water and drinking it
The coaches at the institute profess the concepts provided by Bob Proctor. They also apply these concepts in their lives. They also apply themselves to think and dream in ways initially thought impossible. They also push themselves on a daily basis to the limits of their capabilities until they grow and progress. In this way, the employees at PGI are able to foster continuous growth, joy and prosperity. 

This culture is maintained in the organization with the assistance of a collection of principles. These principles include:
1.   Always show gratitude
2.   Keep a positive mindset
3.   Be creative and harmonious with your colleagues
4.   Act and live out the principles that you are teaching
5.   Work today better than yesterday

The PGI is a brainchild of Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. They work together to ensure that it grows into the ultimate example of a success training institute. Many people have attended and now profess positive change in their lives.

June Wellman is a coach at the PGI. She has contributed to the bob proctor wiki for years. Her experience and knowledge have made this report possible. Visit her blog her for more information about what exactly the writer does.

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