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Running and Getting Ready for the Half Marathon

>> May 13, 2016

If you have been inspired by your friend to join her at running a half-marathon, then do not just think you are ready. Running a half-marathon or a marathon requires training and practice for quite some time before anyone can really run on the track. So, to know if you are up to it, you would have to make sure that you are physically fit and if you have been running regularly, then you shall just put on your shoes and get ready. Otherwise, it is better that you have at least 10 to 12 weeks in hand to start training.

If you are a first timer and need more inspiration, then visiting the site of Tracy Luttrell St. Louis would be helpful. She has been writing blogs and inspirational stories to make first-time runners get a clear idea on the difficulty of the task. The website also has tips where she tells people what to expect, while training for the first time and what health issues should be considered too. She also offers updates regarding the upcoming half-marathons in St. Louis from where she belongs.
All that just means that once you have the inspiration, you would have to set your mind focused on beginning a life that is focused on becoming fit. Running helps the body become toned, healthy and shall keep your mind energetic too. But this training does not include your regular walk on the treadmill. Many people have this misconception of considering the lazy walk on a treadmill as an exercise that would make you fit for running a half-marathon.

Tracy Luttrell would be able to tell you the tough job of training, and the way you should be able to up your scale, every week, in terms of rigorous training. To start with, you should try to get yourself formally checked up with your physician and then see to it if you need any special care.

In case you have any health issue like cholesterol, diabetes or even knee or joint related issues then find out if you might have any problem or not. If the doctor gives you a clean chit after thorough examination, then you might start slowly and steadily.

Try with simple warm up and run for thirty minutes at least three times a week and for a little longer on weekends. This rate would have to be increased and then you shall be able to see the kind of stress and strain your body can tolerate too. If your body cannot take any more after this training then try to consult Tracy Luttrell St. Louis and find out more about such things. Usually, people might be noticing a great change in their body and from getting in shape for the run, you might also get bruises or calluses now and then. Do remember to not ignore any muscle pulls or ligament strain or anything as you run. The week before the actual half-marathon, just keep your speed normal and relax and get ready for the run!

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WE May 14, 2016 at 9:01 AM  

Yes, its all about fitness and confidence on yourself. It really helps.

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