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Expert Tips for Watching Wildlife at Tadoba Tiger Resort

>> May 1, 2016

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a wonderful National Forest in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is a popular tourist destination. Many foreigners and domestic tourists, who love wildlife travel, often come to Tadoba Tiger Reserve for a vacation amidst the wilderness. It is known for the amazing variety of flora and fauna.

Numerous animal and bird watchers travel all the way to Tadoba every year hoping to see the majestic animals and the beautiful birds. It is a completely indescribable feeling when you get to catch a glimpse of an animal or bird in its pristine natural habitat. The very thrill and joy of watching animals and birds amidst unspoiled natural settings have made wildlife tourism a million dollar business.
Wildlife travel could really be full of wonders, but it is really important to understand what to do and what exactly to look for. Be careful in everything you do so that you do not end up leaving any kind of negative impact on any animals or the environment. You should try to keep a safe distance, not to feed wild animals, respect their privacy and stay away from interfering or interrupting their natural behavior or way of life. You could visit http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/ to plan a wildlife vacation at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Here are some important guidelines that should help you successfully spot animals every time.

Gather Adequate Information about Your Target

It is important for you to know sufficiently about your target. If for instance, you desire to look for a swarm of beautiful monarch butterflies then you must learn about their behavior patterns such as migration habits and patterns so that you are well-equipped to find them easily. The more knowledge you have about the animals, the easier it would be for you to locate them.

When you know a great deal about an animal, you can make wise decisions so that there is a successful sighting instead of a depressing no-show. You could consider learning ways of recognizing the clues left behind by different animals. You could understand the presence of an animal by not only looking at its droppings but by the knowledge of interpreting various marks left by different animals in the sand, mud or snow.

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

You can watch colorful and beautiful birds in flight mostly at dusk. Dusk and dawn are definitely, the best times in a day for watching wildlife. If you are really interested in watching wildlife it is a good idea to wake up much before sunrise and wait in the forest for the animal to show up till some time after sunrise. Animals usually observe antisocial hours. Their activities are said to peak at dusk and dawn and so these are the best times for spotting.

Places where one type of terrain or habitat merges into another generally are best for spotting especially, at riverbanks, shorelines, and estuaries. The meeting point between a meadow and woodland is a great place for sightings as both food and shelter are available in plenty here.

Blend Perfectly with Your Immediate Surroundings

Animals are known to blend perfectly with their immediate surroundings, for instance, it is almost impossible to spot an owl in the hole of a tree. You simply cannot beat nature’s camouflage. You too need to attract minimum attention. Try to blend well with your immediate surroundings. Wear clothes in sober or subdued colors such as brown, gray, green, muted black etc. Avoid wearing noisy clothes. It is surely not the right time to unpeel Velcro strips. 

Stay Still & Stay Quiet

Animals can sense your presence and they can even hear a pin drop. It is, therefore, essential for you to keep quiet and stay still to the extent possible. Your mobile should be on silent mode. Avoid eating pungent cheese and crispy onion munchies to avoid detection.

Author Bio: Stephanie Wilson is a seasoned wildlife traveler. She has a deep passion for wildlife travel and wildlife photography. She enjoys sharing her expert tips with her followers on Facebook. She recommends http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/ to learn more about the place.

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