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Tackling the Snoring Problem with One’s Loved Ones

>> May 25, 2016

Every relationship has that fork in the road, that time when it can no longer be ignored simply as one of those annoying habits that the partner has. The big question that remains is just how one can go about talking it out with their partner without hurting their feelings.

When a partner’s snoring is brought up, feelings of fear, helplessness, denial or embarrassment can be expected. To understand how to deal with these emotions, it is important to understand how one’s partner feels like this. Helplessness comes from the feeling that there is no solution to snoring, despite the presence of such helpful sites like https://goodmorningsnoresolution.com/.

It is important to have them realize that there is help available, and the snoring problem can be controlled. Denial comes from the feeling that one’s partner is making it up. Chances of one knowing their problem without being told are very minimal. Fear and embarrassment come from the feeling that one’s partner will not love them as much as they used to now that they have been discovered to be snoring. Taking the problem out with a partner requires the following;

It may take a few tries for the partner to realize that they are not being ridiculed, but are being helped. Do not make it seem like an in your face session. Keep things laid back and avoid having them feel like the conversation is an argument. Partners are different, but it very rarely takes just a single conversation to get through to someone. Patience should be a real virtue here.

Even with the source of the problem identified, it is no use forcing one’s will on another. Be sensitive and understanding to the concerns they raise, and sympathize with their situation. Relationships are not a one way street and require consideration and support. Do not force them down the path to recovery; instead help them through incremental steps if that is all they can handle. Also, try reading their reactions and address their feelings. Find a tone that fits both the problems and the partner.

Addressing the problem
The feelings of fear, embarrassment or denial always come from the way the problem is brought up in the first place. When dealing with snoring, the most successful interventions are those that involve the partner bringing up the problem as casually as possible. Bring the issue up when everyone is relaxing together in the evening, for example.

If the snoring is severe, it might be important to impress upon them the fact that snoring is sometimes indicative of a deeper health problem. Strokes, heart disease and sleep apnea are all related to snoring. Additionally, it is important to have them understand just how problematic the snoring can be, both to them and to the people around them. A lack of sleep from snoring might result in irritability, fatigue and even increase the likelihood of accidents while driving.

The subject of snoring is a sensitive one, but one that must be addressed if it is to be solved. With these tips, though, tackling it with one’s loved ones should not be too much to handle.

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