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Are anabolic steroids good or bad at helping to get mass fast?

>> Jan 10, 2019

Anabolic steroids are the complex substances that are one of the most widely used in bodybuilding. Steroids are being produced by fermenting the protein and is a product that is digested for a long time. In a person's stomach, anabolics collapse into a clot and is digested for a long time, which can provide the body with protein longer than any other type of protein.
This article will explain why buying steroids is not so great idea and that regular protein works more stable and safe.

Use only legal steroids that are approved by FDA!

Steroids have not only the worst qualities of assimilation and lower biological value. It is able to slow down the absorption of other types of protein with which it enters the digestive system, thereby having a less pronounced anabolic effect.

Roids (another word for “anabolic steroids”) can get into our body in the form of dairy products (cottage cheese) or in the form of powder produced in a factory. Both products produce the same effect on the athlete’s body. However, another product has recently appeared - injectable steroids, which has the best absorption, solubility and taste, but is more expensive than usual.

Role in training

For any type of training and nutritional regime, the goal that are important for anabolic is  to provide the athlete's body with amino acids for a long time. However, there are some nuances.

The use of steroids in gaining muscle mass has its own characteristics. It should not be taken throughout the day due to slow absorption. Anabolics are best suited for use before bedtime, because for 6-8 hours the body will be unable to obtain nutrients. By taking a portion of steroids like
Dianabol DS, you will be able to slow down catabolism and keep your muscles from the negative effects of cortisol. Given that the activity of the digestive system in sleep slows down, increasing the portion by a third, it will be possible to provide the body with amino acids throughout the duration of sleep.

Being "on the ground", steroids can be taken during the day, in cases where it is not possible to eat or drink whey protein in time. Having increased a portion by a third or even twice, you will provide your body with nutrients for 5-6 hours, supporting recovery and muscle growth.

The use of steroids on cutting is also recommended mainly at night. Since under conditions of a low-calorie diet, muscles are highly susceptible to destruction, the use of this type of protein in the course for is not justified. If your goal is to satisfy your hunger, consume steroids in combination with other more rapidly absorbed types of protein.

In the cycle for cutting, and on the mass, legal anabolic steroids are best to take. However, in many athletes the bodies do not perceive the lactose contained in it. In this case, legal steroids can be a good substitute. You can also combine the reception of legal roids with egg or soy protein.

Physiological effect

Scientific studies show that steroids are absorbed by the body much faster. The level of concentration of amino acids in the blood reaches a peak after an hour and a half after taking this sports supplement. At the same time, even 5 hours after taking steroids, the level of amino acids is at about the same level. This suggests that
Anavar pills by Dragon Pharma are absorbed by the body slowly and evenly.

Most studies have shown that whey protein has the better anabolic effect. However, casein performs those functions that are beyond the power of whey protein. One cannot do without it if it is necessary to provide the body with amino acids for a long time - during sleep or in other situations. Although casein does not provide a strong anabolic effect, it will stop catabolic processes, which is equally important in bodybuilding.

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