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Education: Should your family make the choice for you?

>> Jan 2, 2019

Choosing an appropriate university or college might pose quite a challenge. Some students prefer to choose their path on their own, while others rely on their parents for advice. BusinessInsider argues that a tremendous part of every person’s success is determined by their parents. But does the help of the previous generation support the youth, or is it a useless relic of the past that does not work anymore?

In this article, we will discuss the main concerns students have while choosing a study program, parents’ impact on children’s decision-making, and the possible consequences of the latter.

Avoid prejudices                        

First of all, the majority of students are afraid of choosing the specialty which is considered outdated or useless in the current labor market. However, prejudices about the specialties are usually caused by the stereotypes and myths, enhanced by media, the Internet, Television, or radio. Allegedly, some job positions are considered not perspective, and students tend to avoid them. However, it is only partially true. Usually, universities just try to attract learners to the disciplines that experience a lack of newcomers.

Choosing a proper university and specialty is crucial to any individual. Undoubtedly, parents know their children better than any educational agency or college, and they sense what study field really fits their child’s personality and skillset. In this case, relatives’ directions can help the teen avoid irreversible mistakes. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that no parents would want to spoil the future of their kids and have an adverse impact on their career.

Responsibility for decisions

From the early ages, we learn how to make decisions and be responsible for their consequences. But if these decisions are not made of the individual’s own will, they will not feel any responsibility for it. To put it another way, such people get used to the fact that all the important choices will be made by a third party.

Such behavior lowers a person’s ability to take action efficiently and urgently. They usually tend to postpone the day of reckoning and try to collect as many bits of advice as possible. It is obvious that it exponentially diminishes the person’s soft and life skills, as surrounding people usually give poor advice.

For example, students who major in something they aren’t interested and invested in do not get properly involved in the study progress due to the lack of inspiration. They tend to skip classes and avoid doing their homework. Surely, it is possible to earn the required amount of points with the help of outsourcing. A lot of professional writing companies such as www.the-essays.com/ provide students with the needed tasks completed in the time they spend doing what they actually enjoy.

Living your own life

Even the kindest and generous parents can make a mistake. As a famous proverb says, “To find yourself, think for yourself.” In order to be satisfied with your future profession, you have to better investigate your talents and wishes. You can talk to dozens of successful students who have chosen popular professionals to study, but you must always remember that you are different. Try to pass a career-guidance test or complete a short-term internship in a company you are dreaming of working for.

If deciding what you want to do with your life presents too difficult, you can always take a little break to clear your mind and sort your priorities. GapYearAssocaiation states that 90% of the students who have decided to delay their classes for one year eventually returned to college and were prepared enough to acquire scholarships. What is more, they argue that 80% of students who took a gap year are highly satisfied with their jobs.


Remember that the study program you choose will be your main activity for a few years, depending on the country you live in. Dropping out in the middle of the run and then coming back a few years later, or switching to another college without properly finishing your degree, might not turn out as beneficial as the examples of other people seem. It is recommended to take an additional year before actually starting your higher education instead of taking years out of your adulthood to finish it all up.

In a nutshell, allow your parents to support you, but do not let them make the decision on their own. It will help you not only become self-confident but also choose the profession you want.

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