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How to maintain a balance between health and career? How technology can help you maintain a good health

>> Jan 5, 2019

Today, each and every individual is focusing on career, life, and money, and there is continued competition between the humans both in the case or earning money and in moving forward in their career front. Due to the advanced technology and modern lifestyle life is becoming fast day by day and people are concentrating more on vitamin “M” (money) rather than any other vitamin. Busy schedule, high-pressure jobs, target completions, etc. can really worsen one's health, and in the long run, it may have serious side effects. To avoid such situations, it is very necessary that you start maintaining a healthy work and life balance since a young age. This will not only improve your health but will also make you more productive.

But the question comes that in a completely busy schedule how to maintain a healthy and stress-free balance between professional and personal life. Here are a few things you can follow.

Start with your own workstation

Majority people have desk jobs when you refer to standard 9am-5pm jobs. These long working hours require hours of work in front of a desktop without any movement. Sitting continuously can cause body ache or spine problems to avoid it see to it that you have a comfortable chair and if you don’t ask for one! Also, wear computer glasses in order to avoid our eyes from straining.

Get organized and complete your task on time

Humans generally have the tendency to delay tasks if they are not much important. But delaying tasks may land you into problem someday, and you may have to work under pressure or complete other tasks before time. Getting organized and doing the assigned task on time will save a lot of your time and save you from long working hours. Prioritize your work and do one thing at a time.

Get one with nature

Health experts say that spending time in nature improves your health. Hence when you are in office, try to combine with nature at least once in a day. You can move in your break out area for a coffee break or have a short walk in your office garden or go anything which makes you relax naturally. Such activities make your mind feel soothing and relaxed leading to stress reduction.

Do not bring your office home and vice versa

Many employees have the option of working from home this may be beneficial at times but do not try to bring your office pending work at home and also do not carry personal issues to the office. Working from home will disturb your personal life may have a bad effect on your family time. Hence do not opt for work from home unless it’s very important.

Go green

Many corporate today are concentrating on employee’s benefits and health and organize various free health check-up from time to time. Apart from this they also maintain indoor plants for various health benefits. If you do not have plants in your office bring your own indoor plants and place it on your desk or in your cabin. Indoor plants help to purify air and increase oxygen levels.

Take short breaks

Working continuously can be really stressful and can lead to hypertension and reduction in productivity. In order to avoid these, take short breaks, meet colleagues, have tea, listen to music or watch funny videos, etc. This will reduce your irritation level and also freshen up your mind.


If you do not find much time for exercise in the morning, you can do it at night or just do a few yoga exercises. You can also do stretching at your place in the office this will protect your muscles from getting stiff and make you more flexible.

Say no to smoking and drinking

Smoking is becoming quite common in corporate culture today, and many corporate workers are addicted to smoking. Today there are several options in the market which will help to quit your addiction be an easy way. You can easily quit smoking today by substituting it with natural flavor vapers which are already available online.

How to use technology for health benefits?

Setting up reminders
People go through several health problems, and they may need several reminders throughout the day. A diabetic patient can set reminders for regular meals,for checking sugar levels and doctors’ appointments, etc.Also, if you forget to drink water whenever needed, you can also set reminders for the same.

Get nursing services at home
Today due to advanced technology you can easily get personalized nursing services at home with just one click. This is really beneficial for people who have limited family members or who fear the hospital environment.

Avoiding long travels
Earlier people needed to travel long for business or international meetings, but today it's not the same. People from any country can get connected over video conferences have their discussions just like real meetings.

Tracking medical history
There are several apps today which help you store, edit and maintain your medical history and you can always go back and check your health level years back. You no more need to fear about forgetting your personal health details.

Weight management
There are many software and other applications which will auto-update you your diet and exercise plan depending upon your routine and health level.You can also call dieticians and health experts to your home for personalized training for weight management, and all this is possible due to modern technology.

Maintaining your health and getting cured of major illness is not anything to worry about today has science has a cure for almost all the disease. But is always better to take preventive majors and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid deterioration of health in the future. Technology today has made the curing process really quick and almost pain-free in case of some diseases. Using technology for health maintaining will help to maintain a health professional and personal life balance.

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Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. She recommended CBD for Health. She also manages her blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources.

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