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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Have a Safe Bathroom for Children or Those with Disabilities

>> Jan 10, 2019

Sometimes the bathroom can be especially challenging for parents with kids or people with disabilities. Working for their needs is always paramount while stimulating development, guidance plus instructions allow them to build independence and self-esteem. Some of the things you can do include getting a soft close toilet seat. With that being said, here is how you can have your bathroom safe for those with disabilities or your kids.
Install Grab Bars

Installing grab bars is very easy; place them in key location in your bathroom to give your child or people with disabilities more support for bending or standing. Install grab bars by the bathtub or shower or and the toilet as well as within the bathtub of the shower itself. If your bathroom has a bathtub, installation of a clamp-on bathtub safety bar is essential: you can instal it on the side of your tub. Kids and those with disabilities normally have difficulty when it comes to stepping into as well as out of the bathtub; grab bars will give them additional support when they try to do so.

Remodel Your Shower

Remodelling your shower might seem costly, but it's worth the added safety for those with disabilities or your kids. Shower stalls without a curve are the best, as people can wheel or step directly into them. The shower stalls have to be smaller than 5ft wide by 3ft deep. Depending on your preference for comfort, you should buy a net shower chair that has wheels or you can install a built-in shower seat to ensure that the person with a disability doesn't have to stand and risk falling in the shower. Also, hand-held showers are ideal for kids and people with disabilities because they can easily manipulate the water and washing will be easier. If it is necessary, fit an extra water basin and lower it to the height of your child using easy reach tap levers.

Soft Close Toilet Seat

There are many benefits that come with a soft close toilet seat, including easy installation, easier maintenance and most importantly safe to use. These toilet seats are ideal for households with small kids and people with disabilities. They allow them to always use the toilet whenever they want with ease and without risking their fingers getting injured or trapped by a heavy seat.

Non-Slip Mats

Due to activities that involve water the bathroom can be very slippery so it is important that your kids or those with disabilities are stable and secure with the shower or bath area. Non-slip mats are ideal as they provide stability and reduce excess water at the same time, which can cause injury. You can also apply anti-slip coating to your floor.

Pull and Push Water Taps

People with disabilities and kids may not have the required strength to turn or press water taps, containers or soap bottle, so it may be useful to use easy-to-operate fittings and products. Installing pull and push water taps will ensure easy access and provide an opportunity for learning and independence.

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