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Teachergive Sale 2023

Rewarding Your Children for Working Hard in School

>> Jan 9, 2019

Do you reward your children when they do well in school? It makes them feel good about trying hard when they receive praise. For some children, it’s difficult to score well on tests. Every child learns differently, so showing your excitement for a job well done can help them reaffirm that their hard work is paying off. Below are some tips for implementing a reward system when your children excel in school.
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Positive Reinforcement

Your child may be very excited to come home and show you a good test score. Parents often have high expectations of their children, so you may not be ecstatic over a B, but your child may be. It’s important that you return that excitement so that your child feels good about the score.

Talk about how they studied for the test and ask if they took their time on each question. Knowing how your child is preparing for and taking tests may help you come up with creative study techniques to make learning a little more fun for them. This will also help you understand what kind of learner your child is.

Building a Reward System

Your child has individual interests. This will change as he or she ages. It is important to pay attention to things your child appears interested in. Base the reward system off of those interests.

In younger children, a simple reward like a sticker may be sufficient. You can have custom stickers made for them by online sticker makers to make them feel even more special. Get them a special sticker book to create a scrapbook of accomplishments. You can work together to label and date each page so that your child has a memory of getting the sticker.

Set Different Reward Levels

Leave the big rewards for big accomplishments like straight A’s or moving up to the next grade. Bigger rewards can also be determined for special accomplishments like perfect attendance and special awards received. The big rewards can be something like going out to dinner, concert tickets or a pricey gift they’ve had their eye on.

Closing Thoughts

Positive reinforcement and rewarding children for doing well in school helps maintain their interest in learning. When they see that you are interested in their hard work, it helps them want to continue to do well in school. The little rewards may also help maintain their motivation to learn.

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