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Best Home Decor Trends Of 2018 That You Need To Know

>> Jan 9, 2019

The moment you buy a house or rent an apartment, you start planning the home decor. For an interior designer and those who perfectly know the rights and wrongs of the decor, the process of choosing the furniture or picking out the colors for the walls becomes easy. All they do is go with the trend and follow their intuition. If they get stuck somewhere, they pick up the decor magazines or read the home design blogs to stay motivated throughout the process.
It is the naive folks that suffer. They find it tough to figure out what to do or from where to start. But, 2018 had numerous design inspirations to offer. You can easily find unique ideas on social networking sites like Pinterest or Facebook. The home decor enthusiasts keep themselves up-to-date by following these trends online.

Here is a list of the most famous decor trends of 2018 that everybody loved. This list means that even the interior designers will not find it awkward to repeat them while renovating their own homes. Check them out below.

Colors That People Talked About This Year

"Stay away from the darker shades" is the piece of advice that the interior designers offer to the small house. But, with the change in their taste and style, this advice is no longer valid. Go with the colors stated below.

1. Lavender
Both lavender or lilac are examples of sophistication. Do you prefer dark hues? Go for the lavender. If you want the soft purple shade, lilac is the color for you.

2. Turquoise

Pair this color with perfect decor items to enhance the look of your house even more. Pick this color if you love blue shades.

3. Black or charcoal gray

Intense color palettes like black or charcoal gray offer a matte finish to the decor. Do not be surprised as people loved these hues on their walls this year.

2018 Got Green Accents Inside The Houses

This year, the motive of many of the designers was how to incorporate natural things into the decor. The unmatched beauty of the natural substances makes sure to provide an eye-catching look to the interiors and exteriors. Whether it is the living room or the kitchen, the plants add a different color by making the environment fresh.

Not many apartments come with the windows nowadays. If you are lucky enough and your house has these beautiful openings that let in fresh air and sunlight, utilize them. Keep them open in the morning to welcome the sun rays and give a better head start to your day. Also, natural light enhances the beauty of the space.

Interior Designers’ Advise For Arranging The Must-Have Furniture Items In 2018

The magazines and blogs of 2018 have tips that help in picking the ideal furniture for the house. They also went an extra mile to explain the ways to arrange these beautiful and affordable furniture items to create the look you have always wanted. Let's take their advice and have a look at the furniture that your house (compact or not) must have.

Affordable Sofa Pieces For The Living Room

Considering shrinking space in the USA, modular and multifunctional furniture pieces got popularity. Also, people are interested in such furniture that is easy to move. Therefore, lightweight furniture had made its mark in 2018.

Sectional and corner sofas are the best choice among the people. They approached online stores to get what they need at affordable prices. If you are also planning to gift an elegant sofa to your living room, there are ample furniture stores online to help you.

Home Entertainment Units Are Back In Style

To save the walls from the wall mounted TVs, the home entertainment units have done a great job. They are the best furniture pieces that do not let you spoil those beautiful walls. Instead, use them to place beautiful paintings and photographs. Also, these units are the functional pieces that not only supports your TV but have enough space to keep the electronic items with ease.

Rugs Bring Elegance To Your Space

Rugs are the hidden gems that give a majestic look to the interiors. If you want to hide the ugly floors or change the look of the living room, bring the beautiful rug home. To bring variety, you can use more than a single rug that is different in color and pattern.

Not only this; the era of the occasional furniture has just started. It is a never-ending list. There were also many trends that nobody appreciated in 2018. To conclude, this year gave some remarkable trends for the comfortable and attractive home decor.  

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