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Usages of steel beams

>> Jan 28, 2019

Steel beams are ubiquitous with every kind of construction. Massive or minute, commercial or residential, industrial or personal, you cannot construct without steel beams. They do not get bitten by termites or insects, do not warp in the rainy and cold weather, they can withstand high amounts of pressure and stress, they can be made to the exact measurement you have in mind and they are fire resistant, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. No wonder then that they are used in so many sectors.There are many uses of steel beams.
1.   Architecture- this is the most obvious use of steel beams. Some of the most spectacular uses of steel in buildings can be seen in the best buildings in the world. Think about the Chrysler Building and the One World Trade Center in the USA and the Helix Bridge in Singapore and you’ll get a fair idea of what steel can do for a building. Steel is not only used in the outside of a building, think about simple things like handrails, table and counter tops, and you’ll realise how steel beams are everywhere. Steel is so much a decorative element in buildings. Multi-coloured girders, some with overhanging gardens, sheets of undulating and twisting steel draped over a building call attention to the building and engage the line of sight. So many buildings are moving towards sustainable architecture. This makes steel a perfect choice, seeing how it is overwhelmingly recyclable. Steel is an ideal choice for lots of natural light in a low-maintenance space.
2.   Food and medicine- the food processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry needs high levels of hygiene. Using stainless steel beams as conveyor belts simplifies the process of cleanliness.
3.   Industries- staying with sustainability, the renewable energy industry has many uses for steel beams. It makes no sense to use concrete and other corroding materials in the creation of wind or solar power. The purpose is almost defeated. Steel beams are used in the equipment and the facilities that create power. When it comes to seriously heavy industries, steel beams are the smart choice. Imagine an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, withstanding the pounding of the waves and the work intensive atmosphere? It’s a dangerous atmosphere and having the right construction material is vital. Besides, crude oil can cause lots of corrosion and the new rigs have steel alloys that are full of strength but don’t weight a ton.
4.   Medical- stainless tubes are used to transport important substances to patients. They need support which comes from steel beams. The important quality of stainless steel beams here is how sanitary it is. It needs to be wiped down and sterilised which is easy to do.
5.   Defence- the defence services need steel beams to build quick constructions and weapons, including tanks and other fighting vessels. Steel beams are also used to build bridges and structures in times of calamities.

Steel beams London are supremely versatile which makes them ideal for any number of industries. Its strength lies in its ability to adapt to modern times and necessities. 

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