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Tips to Remember When Writing a Thank You Note to a Friend

>> Jan 17, 2019

These days, it is easy to express how you feel towards another person because of internet access. If you want to say thank you or sorry to a friend, you can open your messaging app and send a message. However, it is still an excellent idea to use paper when saying thank you. It might seem like a conventional method, but it is something many people still appreciate.

When using regular paper, you can express everything that you want to say. You also don’t rush to type the message and press send. Once you finish writing, you can go back to what you wrote and try to edit it. By the time you send it to your friend, it is will be error-free.

Speak from the heart

When you want to say thank you to someone, it needs to be from the heart. Concentrate on expressing how you honestly feel from within. It is easy for you to write something on paper if you remain true to how you feel.

Say the reason for writing the letter

Sometimes, the words “thank you” are enough. The recipient already knows what you are grateful for. However, it also helps to be specific when expressing gratitude. Perhaps, the person only knows how thankful you are on the surface, but you still have other reasons why you want to say thank you.

Write some words on the side

You can be informal when writing a letter because you are addressing it to a friend. You shared a lot, and it is okay not to follow the formal writing standards. You can write some phrases or notes beyond the paragraph that you are writing. You can even draw some images on the side. You want to say thank you, but you also want to make your friend laugh with these side notes.

Use special paper

To make the thank you note even more special, you can use personalised correspondence cards. These are unique, and you can decide what to include in them. From the size of the paper to its design, you hold the decision on how it will look. You can add your photo on the paper or even your signature if you don't want to keep signing your name each time you write. These special customised cards might be expensive, but the recipient will know that the letter came from you.

Surprise your friend

Try expressing your gratitude in other ways. Your friend might feel that you don't care about the help received at all. However, upon receipt of the letter, your friend will know that you care. You can even invite your friend out for lunch if you want to express your gratitude further.

You don’t need more tips when writing to someone who is close to your heart. Before you even begin writing, you will already have ideas about what to say and how to say thank you.

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