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Best Firewood Choices You Can Burn This Winter

>> Jan 3, 2019

Winter is coming around which means that you will be get more holidays, have to Christmas shopping and cosy gatherings by the fireplace but most of them do not know what kind of firewood will be best one for the fireplace. While choosing the firewood you need to decide and know that what you want from it such as like steady fire, aroma, slow burning wood or even unique wood where this is a hard task to find the best firewood choice to burn for this winter season. With the regards to the firewood burning the hardwoods burn slower than the softwoods in which the hardwood will also take the little bit more time to ignite compared to the softwood.
Image by PlamenBeograd
If you want the wood for burning then the seasoned or dried wood is found to be the better one because the green will be containing the moisture in it but the seasoned wood is a perfect one that has been dried by the evaporation of the internal moisture. The best firewood choice that you can burn this winter is none other than the “Seasoned wood” due to its dried nature it will provide the more heat and lasts for longer period of time. The following are the two top choices of the firewood that you can burn in this winter. They are:

·         Oak – This is crowned to be the top choice of the firewood to burn in this winter because this produces hot fire and slow burning, however you need to ensure that the wood is properly seasoned. Once you ignited the oak wood it will burn with a sustained and intense fire.
·         Hickory – It is another type of the dense firewood choice that it is similar to the oak firewood but it is hard and tougher to split in hand. Unlike the oak firewood the hickory has lower moisture content and it will season or dry faster. While the hickory wood starts burning it gives off a sweet odour.

In addition to the above firewood choices there are also some kinds of the firewood choices available that includes black locust, apple, maple, ash, birch, cherry, pine, hawthorn etc.

Secret of the firewood burning is in the “curing”

The type of wood is just one thing which you need to consider before coming the winter season and before purchasing a cord you need to ensure that the firewood has been properly cured or not. This is because when you burn the firewood that has not been cured properly then it will be still green and the firewood tends to generate more smoke than the heat. The rule for making the firewood is that it must be dried for about 6-18 months before it is burned. The best way to cure the green wood or freshly cut firewood is to stacking it in the area where it is exposed to the great deal of sunlight and wind only then the wood becomes dried and can be used as firewood.

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