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Should You Let Your Sick Loved One Try a New Medicine?

>> Jan 24, 2019

It is quite frustrating when your loved one is sick but there is no known cure for their illness yet. However, there might be medical trials available for the said illness but these medicines might yet still require approval from the regulating board. Should you give these medicines a try?

Although it remains a controversial issue, at this point there is nothing wrong with taking the risk. If your loved one has already tried different medicines, but the condition has not been healed, you might want to try something else. A new drug could work, and it could be the answer that you have been hoping for. Besides, if you sign up for a medical trial, you might get the meds for free.

Yes, it might seem like the patient becomes a guinea pig in the process, but it might also lead to recovery. Besides, the results of the study might help other patients too and if things go well, the said medicine could eventually go public for everyone to buy; otherwise, there might be further modifications until the medicine becomes more effective at treating the illness in question.

Of course, you need to ask the patient for approval. If the patient is conscious and can make a valid decision, you need to respect whatever their decision is; you do not want to decide on behalf of the patient simply because you feel it is for the best.

Ending the suffering

For some people, death is the easiest way out and the solution to end their suffering. However, it does not have to end in death if there is still hope for recovery. By signing up for a medical trial, they could have a chance of surviving. However, if your loved one eventually passes on, you will at least know that you tried everything possible to save their life.

Alternative medicines

You might also want to try alternative medication if the commercial meds available do not work. These options are usually organic and will not do anything to hurt the patient. There could be side effects, but you can determine the suitability even before using alternative medicines.

For instance, you might want to consider CBD products UK suppliers sell. CBD or cannabidiol is a by-product of marijuana. It is the part that is not psychoactive. Therefore, anyone using it will not get addicted or high. It also has calming effects, and some people believe that it can cure illnesses. Since it is organic, you do not need to worry that it will harm the patient. In the UK, the sale and use of CBD oil is legal.

The use of alternative medicine could lead to the result you hope to see. Many people use it in treating chronic pain, epilepsy, and other severe illnesses. Some of them can attest to how effective the medicine is.

The use of alternative medicines and trial medicines still depends on the family and the patient, so take your time to think of the best way to move forward.

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