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Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets & CBD Dog Treats

>> Jan 11, 2019

CBD oil is increasingly becoming more popular with many for various health reasons. Do those people understand what CBD is? How it works with the body is a key feature to know. The benefits of CBD oil and what it does for dogs is massively important.  Is CBD oil better than medications the veterinarian prescribes?
Understanding CBD Oil
Cannabidiol more commonly known as CBD is a compound found in hemp and marijuana plants. These plants are members of the cannabis family and although they have similarities their genetic makeup are different.  Simply Pets CBD drops will not get your dog or you for that matter “high”. The levels of THC found in the hemp plant are much lower and safer than those found in the marijuana plant.

How CBD oil works with the body
The body has what is called and endocannabinoid system, this system has two main receptors called CB1 and CB2. CB1 are more commonly found in the brain as CB2 are found all throughout the body. The receptors in the brain are more commonly in the limbic system which is responsible for ho we feel, our moods, sense of smell, behavior and memory. Therefore CBD oil may work more like and SSRI such as antidepressants.  For dogs with cancer the CBD oil gives more of a chance to fight. CBD has an effect that stops the reproduction of cancer causing cells.

The benefits of giving Dogs CBD oil
Are your dogs on medications for seizures, painful arthritis, pain in general? CBD oil helps with all of these as well. CBD oil helps dogs with pains caused from inflammation, helps dogs with nausea and cancer. CBD helps by temporarily blocking the absorption of chemicals that send pain signals to the brain. Remember the CB2 receptors? CBD oil is able to help these receptors with their response to fighting inflammation. Many diseases are considered types of inflammation such as; IBS and arthritis. CBD oil can help reduce anxiety and stress in dogs as well. Some dogs get scared of loud sounds like fireworks some get frightened during storms; these are both forms of stress and anxiety.

Is CBD oil better than Prescriptions?
Do you know a person who has a pill box? They take pills at different times each day sometimes multiple pills each time. Dogs can be that way also, as they age their bodies much like humans slow down, ache, and hurt. Some medications they may still need to take regularly, CBD oil can help with many issues though. The safest way to know would be to talk to a veterinarian who is for the use of CBD oils. 

Benefits of CBD oil for dogs: concluded
The benefits of CBD oil are wonderful for humans and dogs.  Knowing the difference between CBD types is a must for users of CBD. Dogs can benefit from CBD oil usage just as much as humans and possibly live happier lives since they will feel better. Do not stop giving your dog their medications without talking with a vet about it. CBD oil is helpful and could very well replace other medication as it helps with many of the same issues, but always be safe and ask before taking them off prescriptions.

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