Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Experience the Benefits of Spontaneity

>> Jan 11, 2019

Is spontaneity something that resides somewhere back in your memory? Can you even remember the last time you made a spontaneous decision to veer away from your routine? There are benefits to spontaneity that make it well worth rediscovering. If you’ve never been spontaneous, it’s a treat you owe to yourself. 

Family Time

Many families today are faced with a hectic, overloaded schedule that keeps them from enjoying family togetherness. Spending time together is essential for building bonds and gaining a better understanding of each other. Surprising your kids with a spontaneous family activity is a great way to break away from the doldrums that slip into days filled with rigid routine. An unplanned family night activity can become a special event when an unexpected cookie delivery atlanta arrives with an assortment of sweet treats that take family night to a new level. A family picnic could be taken up a notch if gourmet cookies were in the basket.
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Stress Relief

Failing to set aside personal time for doing something you enjoy can increase your stress level and make you an unhappy person. Doing something spontaneous such as taking a few hours or a day off to do something locally that you’ve never done such as visit an art gallery, walk the historic district, go to a concert or anything else that you would enjoy can get you out of a rut, clear your mind and improve your mood. Using personal time to hibernate at home can have benefits. You can lounge around the house all day, have food delivered, treat yourself with cookie delivery atlanta and brighten your day by having flowers delivered to your door. By the end of the day you’ll feel rested and pampered.

Doing something spontaneous for your spouse, partner, friend, college kid or parent can make you and the recipient happy. Opening the door and discovering a delivery of food or flowers can brighten anyone’s day. It might even encourage them to pay it forward so that their spontaneity will make someone else happy.

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