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5 Signs of Children's Feet Problems And How To Spot Them

>> Jul 15, 2018

It is often easy to identify illnesses such as the common cold, flu, and stomach virus because there are some common signs and symptoms that you recognize. However, foot problems in children are more challenging to identify. Here are 5 signs of children's feet problems, and how to spot them.

1. Your child does not participate in activities they usually would

If your child is an active participant in sports or other physically engaging exercises, but suddenly does not want to take part in them anymore you should be wary of foot injuries. One of the most common causes of discomfort stems from heel issues. Here are the most common causes of heel pain in children.

2. Your child complains of pain in their foot

This should be the most obvious sign that your child has a problem with their foot. If a child complains for multiple days about foot pain in the same general area, and there are any signs that may indicate foot issues you should take your child to a kids podiatrist. Keep in mind that foot pain, especially if it is severe, is not normal, and needs to be treated swiftly.

3. If there is any swelling or bruising on any part of your child’s foot

Another easy indicator that your child is going through pain in their foot is if you see any noticeable swelling, bruising, redness, discoloration of the skin, or any other visual signs of injury. These signs can indicate many different causes, including:
     Bone Bruises

If your child has experienced any of these indicators or any that are not listed here see a children's podiatrist to learn the source of the injury, and receive treatment for your child.

4. Your child can’t keep up with their peers

A common indicator of foot pain in children is whenever they are not keeping up with their peers. Often times, it is just the result of your child being tired, especially if they have flat feet. However, if your child looks noticeably slower, or does not seem to be fully participating in the activities with their peers that should set off your alarms.

5. Your child demonstrates any unusual patterns when they are walking or standing

Often times, children will walk or stand differently if their feet are hurting or aching. Although it can sometimes be difficult to determine what is normal and what is not, here are some of the ways that your child may be walking if they are experiencing foot troubles.

  • They are limping, or heavily favoring one foot.
  • They are tiptoeing, instead of putting pressure on the whole foot
  • They constantly move pressure on to one foot, then the other while walking.

If your child is demonstrating any of these walking or standing patterns, that could be an indication that their feet are in pain, and they are trying to keep the pressure off of one or both feet.

There you have it, five signs of children’s feet problems, and how to identify them. If you are worried that your child is experiencing foot pain, use these tips to check for any of the signs. Take your child to a children's podiatrist to be evaluated if they are demonstrating any of these signs of foot problems or any other unusual foot behavior.

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