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Moving Boxes - Packing Small and Large Items is Easy

>> Jul 2, 2018

No matter how you look at it, moving can be very stressful and even complicated. It is quite tempting to simply throw all your possessions in some moving boxes and just worry about sorting the mess later. However, when you learn how to pack a carton and wooden boxes like a pro, you can save yourself a whole deal of time, money and stress.

So, we’ve compiled a list of tips that you can use to make packing small and large items easy. Keep reading this article so you can breeze through the task!

Before Anything Else…

 1.   Make sure you choose the right box and the right size. For heavier items, you must use a smaller box. When packing clothing and linen, use larger boxes. On the other hand, if you are shipping bulkier items overseas, it would be best to use wooden boxes.
2.   Make sure you fill the boxes. Fill any gaps between the items by using rolled up socks. They effectively function as padding and when you are unpacking, you can easily put them away. After all, they end up in the sock drawer.
3.   Remember to bundle the breakables. Don’t forget to wrap bowls and put the smaller bowls inside the larger ones. You should also do the same for mugs and plates. When you keep the fragile items protected with bubble wrap and you bundle them together, you can ensure that they will get to your destination in one piece.
4.   Line the boxes with towels. You can add extra padding by placing them at the bottom of each box.


Easy Steps in Efficient Packing

So, are you ready to make packing with moving boxes more efficient? Follow our tips below!

First Step: Gathering your Tools

It is only natural to have a disorganised house when you’re moving. When you have all your moving tools in one place where you can easily access them, you can avoid searching for them when you’re packing. If worse comes to worst, you might end up packing them in a box! Make sure you gather a pen, pencil, notebook, marker, tape, tape dispenser, scissors, labels and sharp knives on a tray. It is also useful to have your bubble wrap close to where you keep the other packing items.

Second Step: Placing Heavy Items First

When you place the heavy items last, you might end up crushing the items below it. When packing moving boxes like a pro, you have to bubble wrap the heavy items and make sure that they are placed at the bottom. Once you’ve packed the heavy items, you can now start packing the lighter possessions.

Third Step: Packing the Lightweight Items

Make sure you place a layer of bubble wrap or foam divider between the heavy objects and lighter items. Enclose the lighter items in bubble wrap and towels for padding. You can also keep similar items together. Wrap kitchen items in kitchen towels and use bath towels for bedroom and bathroom items.

Fourth Step: Wrapping up Loose Ends

For video game controllers and electrical cords, make sure to wrap them and secure them with an elastic. When moving items, the loose ends can easily get tangled and untying the knots can be quite difficult. Since cords are light in weight, they can be the last items you pack in your moving boxes. Don’t forget to pack the items from the same room together.

Fifth Step: Labelling the Boxes

The last step in packing moving boxes like a pro is properly labelling the packages. Make sure you get a thick, black marker to write the identifying information on the box. Do not forget to indicate for which room the items belong to. You should also remember to write which side is up or whether the items contained in the box are fragile. These labels will ensure that your boxes will be handled properly. As such, your belongings will get to your destination in one piece.

So, there you have it… five easy steps in packing a moving box like a professional! Keep in mind that while these are just general tips in effective packing, they might not apply to everyone. If you’re still having a difficult time packing your boxes, you can always call for help from friends or professionals!

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