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Hypnosis and Weight Loss- Techniques for Overcoming Weight Gain

>> Jul 23, 2018

Food and virtually everything else in the modern world offers people an abundance of choice. The number of markets, grocery stores, snack stands, fast food joints, cafes and restaurants continues to rise. It takes a lot of willpower to resist temptation and avoid indulging whenever hunger pangs strike or when something simply smells or looks delicious. However, widespread availability is not the only problem. Eating poorly or overeating is a deeper issue.
Food and Culture
All cultures around the world have special relationships with their food. Food is essential to every living creature but it especially crucial to human beings. It is a central focus of life with social implications. Regardless of the type of environment you were raised in, where you live or who you are food plays a part in your life. For most people, food is ceremonial with the obligatory meals for each day.

Understanding an individual’s personal relationship with food involves knowing the culture they were brought up in or that they are a part of now. People’s food and cultural preferences and references are revealed by aspects such as what they were told about food when they were young, how they celebrated with food and whether food has been relied on when there are bad occurrences.

Food and Emotions
The relationship that people have with emotions and food is a category that may be dealt with during one session or might require multiple sessions to unravel fully. The concept is based on discovering the link between overeating and emotions. View Rena Greenberg Weight Loss here.

  • People often use food to help them overcome their negative feelings. They may find relief in sugar when they are experiencing stress in their lives. Along with stress, other components of emotional eating include using food to suppress bad emotions.
  •  Depression is yet another emotion that can lead to substantial weight gain. Even feeling down rather than a clinical depression diagnosis can result in bad food choices and downward spiral.
  • Any program that tackles weight control and weight loss should be long enough to make sure that the emotional components of things are addressed. This sets you up for success on a long-term basis.
  •  Gastric band hypnosis, for instance, is based on the mental metaphor of using an actual gastric band during the medical procedure that involves placing an elastic band around the stomach to reduce its size. When you have a smaller stomach, you get full faster and subsequently eat less.
  • Gastric band surgery is physically limited because if you eat too much, areas of the stomach that have not been taped off can still grow. The stomach can continue to expand over time and take you back to where you started from. This is why it is important to address the emotional aspects to avoid sabotaging your efforts and creating a conflict within yourself.

Nutrition can be confusing because many people are unable to comprehend the nutrition information that is provided on food packaging. Hypnotists who deal with weight loss are aware of how important it is for them to give their patients solid guidelines regarding nutrition. 

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