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Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

>> Jul 3, 2018

Photographing wedding is the tough task and there is no room for mistakes. This is a special occasion for the couple and the photos will be stored to see for the generations to come. If you’re a beginner at photography then you must learn the tips to shoot properly.
1. Meet the Couple
No two couples can have the same requirement. Hence, it is important to meet the couple and know their requirement. This can include any special request they might have in their mind. It will provide you an idea the couple is looking out in the photo shoot.

2. Make a List
By taking the help of the couple, write a list of people who are important and need to shot in the group. Your client won’t be happy if their parents are missing in the photos or you have left their grandparents from the group shots.

3. Check out the Locations
It is highly recommended to check the locations before the wedding day. This will provide an idea about the best places to take the shots. This will also release the tension before the wedding day. It is a good idea to take the input from the client about wedding locations in advance. You should consider taking the photo shoots with different poses as the test on various spots before the wedding day.

4. Practice before the Occasion
It is important to practice well before the wedding day if you‘re the beginner. If you are thinking that you will perform well without practicing at all then you are absolutely wrong. You can take your cousin or friend to test shoot the photos with various posses at different locations. This will help to boost your confidence at the wedding day as you know how and where to shoot the photos.

5.  Have Preparations
Having the schedule as of where and when to take the photos is crucial. So, it is necessary to prepare the plan as of how will you going to take the shoots. You should know exactly how to take the photos of the important parts of the wedding ceremony. A good idea to this is having the proper rehearsals. Ask the couple to attend the photo shoot before the wedding ceremony and they will happy to do so. You should also settle the price with the client. To know more about it click here free wedding photo prices.  

Taking the second photographer can be a huge help. It will prevent any kind of the mess and if by chance you miss the photos of wedding ceremony then the second photographer can help you take them.  One of the benefits of taking the second photographer is asking them to shot the other guest whereas you can focus on the bride and groom.

In case you’re now not familiar with the couple’s family and visitors, it will be difficult seeking to round them up for group photographs. So, it is a great concept to get the couple to designate one among their own family individuals to do this particular process.

6. Create a Photo Checklist
It is vital to create a list in advance of time with key occasions and subjects you may shoot, especially if you don’t have prior experience in capturing the photo shoots. It is also an awesome idea to take the input of the couple. Some of the key activities that can be a part of the checklist are walking down the aisle, the kiss, exchanging rings, cake cutting ceremony and the dance. However, you should not forget to shoot the small details such as flower bouquets, rings, etc.

7. Have a Backup Plan
The bad weather at some point of the marriage can wreck all your preparation in case you don’t have any backup plan ready.  The one thing that every photographer avoids is facing the rain on the big day. But you can use this to your advantage and get some very dramatic photos in case you plan earlier.  Here are the few guidelines to get the most out of the terrible climate.

1. Add some props. As an instance, you can provide the couple a black or white umbrella to add the few evaluations.
2. Use the sky for your benefit. Positioning the couple in front of darkish, moody clouds can give some extraordinary consequences.
3. Make certain the bride brings spare shoes. If the floor is muddy then you don’t want your bride carrying heels and sinking into the ground. So, ensure to warn them in advance to take a spare pair.
4. Search for alternative locations. If rain cancels a number of your plans, you'll want to locate some alternative places to shoot.
5. You should possibly ask the venue proprietors if they have any accurate sheltered spots you could use.

These are the few tips for the beginners to properly and confidently shoot the photos on the wedding day.

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