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Elder Care That Actually Cares

>> Jul 4, 2018

Elder Care That Actually Cares

A Frightening Problem

As of late, it seems that there have been more and more cases of elder abuse at certain homes for seniors. Considering that these seniors often require additional care that their family members are unable to provide, the abuse is even more startling and wretched. Because of this taint that has spread surrounding elder care homes, you may be unsure of placing your loved one in one of these facilities. However, there are still senior homes out there who actually provide excellent service for their residents. From offering a home health aide to actually providing a room and medical care for your loved one, you should consider the services of Arcadia.
home health aide
Care At Home

One of the best services that Arcadia has to offer is their At-Home Non-Medical Care. Sometimes, you and your family are too busy or live too far from a loved one to be able to assist them in the way that they need. That's where Arcadia comes in to help. They can look after your loved one and make sure that they have the help and company that they need. Too often, seniors don't actually want to leave their homes. In many cases, there isn't really much of a reason to so long as they have occasional help here and there. Arcadia can provide a trained, sympathetic, and compassionate member to be that companion and caregiver your loved one needs.

In cases of illness, the familiarity of home can help a senior to heal faster and more effectively. Being outside of the home can be a jolting experience for their immune system. As such, it's often better to have them stay in their homes and live independent lives for as long as they can. Arcadia team members can wash your loved one, help them get around the area, ensure their house is clean, prepare and serve their meals, provide companionship, and make sure that they're receiving adequate amounts of exercise. Rest assured with Arcadia.

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