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Nail wraps are back – Things that make nail wraps a popular manicure choice

>> Jul 24, 2018

For a new age millennial, nail wrap is a brand-new fashion statement that they love to flaunt! But nail wraps are not new a style choice. Due to the rising popularity of the stylish nail art today, nail wraps are also enjoying the limelight. Today, it has become one of the best choices for stylish, long-lasting manicure.
Origin of nail wraps

Nail wraps go back in time to the early 80's. It is a thin wrap made out of mesh, paper, fiberglass, linen, silk or any other fabric. All these get applied to your nail for extra reinforcement. The wraps get embedded in gels and acrylics. Alternatively, it gets used as a natural nail extension or coating, which is sealed using resin.

In a way nail wraps enjoy their popularity owing to the success of acrylics. And it's fantastic to see the way the nail art industry is evolving with innovative nail wrap choices. Hence, from young girls to adult women, everyone loves to flaunt the silk and fiberglass nail wraps.

The growing popularity today

As you browsed through a cosmetic store, you've probably seen nail wraps packed with cuticle sticks. You would be more familiar with names like "nail decals" or "nail strips." However, today the craze is unmatched. What add to this craze are several brands that are competing to grab the maximum attention. Today, these brands are providing everything from a host of artsy designs, vegan choices and even artist collaboration.

An interesting variety

Nail wraps today are available in an exciting mix of designs and colors. You can get them in shades of beige, black, and blue, brown, gold and multiple metallic colors. Concerning texture, you can select from crèmes, glitters, shimmers, holographic and many more. If you are searching for an exciting option, you will be impressed with these wraps from NCLA.

The process

The time taken is the same as painting nails. Few nail wraps require minimal heat to cool the adhesive. Otherwise, the process is very much the same as follows:

1.   Clean your hand
2.   Sooth nail
3.   Applying the nail wrap
4.   Pushing it down to a great extent
5.   Filing off the excess
6.   Applying the topcoat

Nail wraps and creativity

Regarding design nail wraps today welcome creativity from the nail art artists. The days where nail paint artists don't have to meticulously draw thin lines on nails, making use of credit card edges or slim paper clips are a thing of the past. Today, the wraps are all digitally printed, carrying the best designs. So, the process is no more time consuming at all. Hence, symmetry and lettering are a child's play today when it comes to nail wrap and art.

Wondering how long does an average nail wrap last? The answer is approximately two weeks. That means you will have two weeks of the same vivid nail art. So, you have an affordable manicure that boasts a salon-like quality. And when it comes to the cost, its quarter the expense! That sure is an exciting and cost-effective proposition worth trying. And today, you can reach out to famous brands who’ve been providing excellent nail wrap designs and textures within your budget.

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