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Teachergive Sale 2023

Tips to Go Green at Home

>> Jul 30, 2018

Over the last few years some of the major Indian cities have witnessed a rising problem with pollution. Increasing number of vehicles, factories and other agents like plastic material dependency have not helped the situation either. Though corrective measures are being taken by the government gradually, it remains a concern nevertheless. However, pollution is not a problem without a solution. And to counter it, active participation of us, the common people is of utmost importance. 
You must have come across a proverb, saying, charity begins at home. So in order to save the environment from getting harmed, why not start the practice from home itself.  Today, if you are in Kolkata and planning to buy an apartment then make sure you are aware of the green living ideas. Here, follow some of the interesting tips to make your apartment living environment-friendly:


Start with Simplifying Your Life

Going green at home is the first step towards making this world a beautiful place to live in. Just look back to the earlier times for inspiration like:

  • Conserve more and use less (toilet paper, make-up and printer paper to name a few).
  • Use materials only as much as you need without wasting.
  • Prioritize things that matter and eliminate the ones that do not.

Of course, keeping these principles in mind will help in simple living.


Use Air Purifying Houseplants

No point investing in costly electrical air filters when you can purchase certain houseplants that can purify and clean the air around in your home naturally. Some of those houseplants are Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Baby Rubber Plant, Reed Palm or Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern, English Ivy and so on.


Use Natural Household Cleaners

Look for all-natural alternatives over chemical cleaners. Try to make your own natural cleaners because they are cheap and easy to use as well. You might get a variety of household cleaners in the market but they are mostly based on chemicals. So, use natural products like baking soda, white vinegar, jojoba or olive oil, hydrogen peroxide, soap nuts or essential oils as alternate household cleaners.


Use Organic Pesticides

Look for sustainable and natural options to control household pests over the unsafe chemical pesticides. Natural pest control and organic pesticides are among the primary priorities in making sustainable choices.


Use Furniture Made of Green Materials

Buy furniture that is made out of metal and timber. Always remember that those made of reclaimed materials, consume fewer resources and require less processing without compromising the quality. Using such materials will lower the environmental impact and the best thing about such furniture is they are unique-looking, strong and displays a rustic vibe. 

Hope, the above-mentioned tips will be helpful when you implement the same in your newly bought apartment in Rajarhat Kolkata.

Summary: This post highlights the way to make your residential living an environmental-friendly one. Some of the tips shared include simplifying your life, using furniture made of green materials, using natural household cleaners, using organic pesticides and so on.

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