Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Smart Ways to Purchase Gold Jewelry from Authentic Online and Local Stores!

>> Jul 5, 2018

Buying gold jewelry is exciting however when it comes to purchasing gold, you must ensure that the dealer is authentic. Most people in a rush to buy gold end up buying items that are overpriced or not too good in quality. Here, you need to be patient and do some research when it comes to buying gold jewelry. The following are some guidelines you should follow when it comes to buying gold jewelry in the market.
Understand the purity standards of gold

Gold has levels of fineness or purity. Karats measure the purity of gold. 24 Karat gold is pure gold, and if an item is 12 Karat gold, this means that only 50% of the item is made of gold and the rest alloy. When you are buying jewelry for yourself or anyone else, decide on the levels of purity you want. 24 Karat gold is very soft and is prone to scratches. If you wear the item rarely, you may opt for a jewelry item made of 24 Karats. However, pure gold is costly in the market. If you are looking for a gold item to wear every day, you should go in for a lesser Karat of gold. The piece here will be mixed with other metals so that you effectively can wear it daily without the fears of scratches and dents. Make sure that the item you buy is not exposed to harsh chemicals or hard surfaces. This will result in scratches.

You may opt for gold plated or Vermeil Jewelry

If you want to buy gold for daily wear, you may opt for gold plated or vermeil jewelry. Here, an alloy or a mixture of alloys are dipped in gold to give it a coating. The base can be brass or steel. Here, there is an electric current passed where the molten gold attaches to the base. Items that are made of gold plates are thin, and they will wear with the passage of time. In the case of vermeil jewelry, you will have a base that is made of sterling silver. These items are fit for people that are prone to skin rashes when they wear other metals. Like gold plated jewelry, the items that are vermeil gold are prone to wear when worn for a very long time.

Color of gold

Yes, gold comes in the color of yellow, white and pink. Yellow is the most common. The other colors are generally mixed with other alloys, and they have a gold purity level of 18 Karat or so. Experts from cash for gold NYC companies say they are valuable and in demand but have lesser worth than pure 24K gold items. However, when you are buying yellow gold, do not think that it is pure gold. You must inspect the markings on the item to determine whether the item is made of pure gold or not. In case, you need assistance, ask the storekeeper to help you.

Buy your jewelry pieces from a credible and reputed dealer

The last thing you want is to be cheated with an item that is not gold. There are several imitation items available in the market today, and they are deceptive enough to be considered as gold. Do not fall into their traps. Be consumer savvy and when you walk into a store, ask the shopkeeper for its credentials and certificate of proof that all the items in the store are gold. When you are buying jewelry, it is wise to choose a store that gives you extra services like custom designs and resizing. You may like an item, but it does not fit you. Good stores will help you get the right fit. Opt for them, and you will get right jewelry as per your tastes and preferences. 

What about online stores- should you go in for them?

Thanks to the Internet, several online jewelry stores sell you authentic gold jewelry. Before you opt for them, check their online credentials and certificate. Read customer testimonials and reviews to get an idea about the company. Compare different websites online before you make the final choice.

Warranty – check its terms and conditions before the purchasing of gold jewelry

There are several credible stores both local and online that give you a warranty for your jewelry items. They also give you return policies as well. Check their terms and conditions before you make the final purchase. Remember that when you are buying gold jewelry, the presence of a warranty will increase the costs of the item. However, you should go in for it as gold is a pure metal and you never know what damage can take place in the future to your jewelry. Experts say that if you are buying 24K gold items, opting for a warranty is a smart choice.

Check the markings of the gold jewelry so that later you will not face issues. As mentioned above, you can always exchange your gold for cash as and when the need arises in the future. Understand the markings well. If you doubt the quality of the jewelry, you can always opt for an inspection by an independent party who has the skill and knowledge about gold jewelry. You may have to pay the jeweler extra to take him or her to inspect the item you are interested in.

Beware of fraudulent scams

Last but not the least, keep away from scams. Some fraudulent parties lure you into buying fake gold jewelry. Be wise and never rush into any harsh decision. Take time to make the final purchase but make sure it is always from a credible source who enjoys high repute in the market.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying gold jewelry, keep the above factors in mind. Take time and only shop from credible and certified online or local stores for the task. The jewelry you buy should be authentic and last you for a long time!

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