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Signs that tell you about termite infestation in homes

>> Jul 24, 2018

Termites are mighty insects that defy its tiny looks. The swarms of termites can invade a building without any prominent signs of its existence and can quietly cause severe damage to the building structure.  The structural stability of homes is under threat due to termite infestation.  Every year, there are reports of more than $5 billion in property damages due to termite attacks.

You cannot prevent termites from entering homes, but you can avoid it from causing harm. Early detection of termites can prevent the more significant damage. You might be left wondering if termites can hide behind the walls and eat away at the wooden structure but before it is too late arrange for an inspection by a professional pest control company like Atlas Pest Control to assess the situation.

Even before you arrange for a formal inspection of your home, you could make out from some visible signs if termites are present in your home and whether the surrounding environment is inviting the unwanted guests.

The sight of swarmers
Just as springtime cheers up your heart and you get ready to enjoy the beautiful season ahead, it also encourages termites to take a flight and seek new targets to attack.  During springtime, you will often see young female winged termites flying in swarms and heading towards homes that they target for their stay. Buildings that have undergone some damage during winter are the biggest attractions for the insects. Lights attract termites and once they start liking your home, the entire colony will follow.

Discarded wings
Even if you do not notice swarmers in your home, you cannot rule out the presence of termites and have to look for some other signs.  Often, near the doors and window sills, you would find tiny wings discarded by the insects that confirm its presence at your home. That is a very prominent sign that your house is under the threat of termites. Take quick action to eliminate termites so that it does not get the time to cause any damage.

Check the wooden structures
Termites feed on wood and eat it inside out so that the damage is not visible from outside. The wooden piece that appears good from outside might be hollow within. Tap all wooden parts and notice the sound which could indicate if the wood is hollow. Rotting woods are ideal homes for termites. Fast action could help to arrest the damage and eradicate termites from the location.

Look for dry wood termite infestation
Dry wood termites eat on infested woods and in the process excrete some of the food in the form of wood colored droppings. If you notice such dropping that resembles a pile of small wood-colored pellets, it is an ominous sign of termite infestation whether inside or outside the home.

The most destructive termites are subterranean termites that create mud tubes to maintain a supply of moisture as the insects travel from the colonies to a food source.  If you see mud tubes, get alert and call for pest control services.

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