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Five Effective Tips for Painting Your House Exterior

>> Jul 24, 2018

When it comes to renovating your home, painting the exterior part is what can make or break it's look! After all, you want your home to look beautiful inside and out. That's way it may be Tim to bring the paint cans out and start the job of beautifying your home.

What's great about painting the exteriors of your home is that you can do it yourself rather than to get a professional painting house! It saves you a lot of time and you get exercise painting the nooks and crannies of your home. However, what are effective ways on how to paint your house's exterior while saving time and effort?
Read on as I show you the top five tips for painting your house exterior!

Painting your house doesn't need to be such a boring and tedious task with risk. To lessen your worries about painting your home, here are helpful tips:

1.   Prepping Your Home for Painting
Before anything else, it's imperative to prepare your home prior to painting it. That means you'll have to wash down your house!

The reason why we need to wash our homes down before painting it is because there is a ton of gray soot and dust accumulated after years of different weather conditions and air pollution!

But washing down your home by hand is quite a tedious task. The best way to prep your home and wash it down quickly is by using a pressure washer during a warm day. Wash it down with a cleaning solution then another time with clean water.

2.   What Kind of Colors to Choose
Another thing to consider before painting your home is what type of colors to paint your home with and how much paint you need to invest in.

I recommend that if you want to save time and make the task easier, you either paint your home the same color or to go darker. This minimizes the work needed, as you only need to do one-coat painting.

To know the present color of your home, pull off peeling paint and take it to the paint store to match its color. Or if you want to change your home's color, go a shade darker.

3.   How to Save Time Painting
Not all of us have all the time to paint our homes, which is why we want to save time when doing so!

Make sure that you shrink your prep time to a minimum, keeping it under a day when taping and covering your windows. Also, when scraping paint, which is also a high time-killer, ensure that you only scrape the bare minimum. If the paint's edges stay down, leave it alone and let new paint seal its edges instead!

Another way to save time painting is to only prime problem areas rather than the whole house, which is beneficial for those who have no time to paint the entire home just yet.

4.   Minimizing the Washing of Brushes and Covers
To minimize the clean up time of your rollers and covers, here are some tips to follow:

                  Purchase cheap roller covers and throw them away once you're done painting the house. You'd rather invest in better-quality covers when interior painting rather than for the outside.
                  If you just want to give a touch-up to your home or fix any smears and dabs, buy foam or cheap nylon brushes and throw them away when you're done.
                  When cleaning your good brushes, use a paintbrush comb and water to lessen the cleanup time!

5.   More Tips on Painting Your Home Exterior
Here are a few more tips to follow when painting your house:

                  When you have featureless areas in your home (like no doors, windows, lights), then simply spray it to lessen the time needed when painting.
                  If you have flat walls, then it's recommended to just roll it, which covers and paints quickly.
                  Before you paint your home, consider the weather on the day you'll be painting and the next few days. It's best not to paint when expecting rain, as it will just waste your time.
                  Spend extra on quality paint for it to last in the long run!

Wrapping It Up
With the right tips on how to paint your home's exterior, you'll be able to achieve the beautiful looking home and focus on how to design its interiors! You'll be surprised with how easy it is to paint your home yourself, taking just a few days of work and paint.

I hope that these tips for painting your house exterior gave you an idea on what you can do to beautify your home now. So don't wait any longer and utilize these tips today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on painting your home's exterior, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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