Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Tips for Choosing a Child's Car Seat

>> Jul 15, 2018

One of the most important safety decisions you can make for your son or daughter is choosing a suitable child lightweight car seat. This useful guide provides sensible information to help you select the best carseat to your requirements.

Consider age the child

Children require different kinds of car seats as they grow and each talk about in Australia requires children up to 7 years to be restrained within an appropriate restraint.

Age can be utilized as helpful information:
Children under age half a year must use a backside facing restraint
Children aged half a year to four years may use either a rear facing seat or a forward facing restraint.
Children aged four years to approximately seven years must travel in a ahead facing restraint or booster seat.

Consider the height of the kid

In addition to using age as helpful information, current car seats include a shoulder elevation marker which dictates use.  Your son or daughter should stay in a back facing seat or position until their make is in-line or above the onward facing elevation marker.  Your child should remain in a onward facing seat until their shoulder elevation is above the top shoulder height marker.

Practice using the funnel and straps

As well as providing safe and sound support, it is important that child car seats, harnesses and straps are appropriately adjusted. You will probably be interacting with straps every day, so that it is worthwhile examining them before you make your purchase. Some seats within the Britax Safe-n-Sound range feature hassle free harnesses which helps further in changing the harness length. When you adapt the top or back snooze the funnel straps will automatically reposition.

Select a child car seat that is safety tested

Inside a collision, babies, infants and children are extremely vulnerable if they're not properly secured in an automobile seat. Australia’s standard for child car seats is one of the toughest on the planet to ensure better safeguard for our kids.

In Australia it is against the law to purchase an automobile seat that will not adhere to the Australian/New Zealand Standard 1754. The Britax Safe n Sound range of carseats adhere to this standard, and have been rigorously examined at our laboratory to ensure all their components will provide the best cover for your son or daughter.

Browse our collection of child cheapest car seats 2018 and accessories today via our website or talk with one in our helpful customer support operators to find out more.

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